Quick update from Sedona

Happy Halloween!

I've been here since Monday, and am loving every minute!

Raven was the first to greet me. In my jet-lagged state, I heard a croak outside my bathroom. He was staring right at me, head cocked to the side, begging me to get out of bed and play! 

We only talked for a bit, but He's greeted me every morning, and has been with me at every sacred place I've visited.

Coyote laughed and yipped the first night, during my stargazing, but his physical brethren have been super sneaky. The only coyote I've seen is a dead one one the side of the road (of course, I teared up a bit and rolled my eyes). He's got two more days to make contact... although He has been in each of my daily Journeys.

The views are spectacular and expansive,  and my Energy Bodies have adapted to the extra space out here.

A few quick photos before a full update (when I return to Maryland):


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