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Upcoming FREE Lecture in Baltimore!

So few people work with Coyote and his form of "Trickster Medicine" that I am excited to share a FREE LECTURE opportunity with you!
I am unable to upload the PDF file into Blogger (as it is not my flyer), so here is the relevant information:

Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health, in collaboration with Kenosis Spirit Keepers, presents "Coyote Medicine, Lessons from Native American Healing"
Thursday, January 15, Noon to 1:15 pm
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health,
615 N. Wolfe Street, Room 1020
The Lecture is being given by Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD, author of Coyote Medicine and the Coyote Trilogy
This talk is free and open to the public.
To reserve your space you must contact Nicole Pare at Johns Hopkins University, by phone at 410-955-6931.
It may be tricky for some to attend a lunch lecture in downtown Baltimore on a Thursday, but I'd love to see you there!

Coyote blabs about the Secrets of Sedona's Vortexes! (Arizona II)

Sedona, AZ is known for its vibrant Red Rocks, evergreen forests, and incredibly blue skies. It is also known in "New Age Circles" for its Vortexes-- areas of energy that can have a profoundly healing effect on the human body, mind, and spirit.

With the length of time I had for this vacation, I wanted to visit the main four: Airport Mesa vortex, Boynton Canyon Vortex, Cathedral Rock Vortex, and Bell Rock Vortex. There are numerous maps to the Vortexes, and I drove my rental car to the furthest one (Boynton Canyon) early one morning.

I began walking up the path, looking for signs to signal when I'd reach the Vortex area. I hiked for a solid hour, retracing my steps and re-checking my map(s).

There were no signs for the Vortex. In fact, after speaking with local friends, I learned that NONE of the Vortexes are labeled at all! It seemed to be a small joke on the New Agey tourists who came to Sedona specifically for the Energy High: no one would tell anyone where the Vortex…

Raven's Introduction to Sedona (Arizona I)

I arrived in Phoenix on October 27th, very jet-lagged from the 3-hour time difference. After driving two hours north, eating lunch, and checking into my hotel, I was eager to nap for a few hours. I closed all the blinds, kept the bathroom window open for fresh air, and laid down on the comfy bed. I set my alarm for 90 minutes, and closed my eyes.


I thought the air conditioning was trying to turn on, so I turned off the unit.


I rolled over.


I had no idea what was making that sound, and got up and explored the bungalow. I looked outside:

Raven had come to welcome me to the Desert! Of course, immediately wide awake, I just had to go and talk with Him:

After good conversation, I gave offerings of cornmeal to both Him and all of the Spirits of Place. With His guidance (and nice "croaking" reminders), I gave offerings of cornmeal for each and every trail-head, sacred cairn/…