Raven's Introduction to Sedona (Arizona I)

Sunrise in Sedona, AZ (c) 2014 by Me!
I arrived in Phoenix on October 27th, very jet-lagged from the 3-hour time difference. After driving two hours north, eating lunch, and checking into my hotel, I was eager to nap for a few hours. I closed all the blinds, kept the bathroom window open for fresh air, and laid down on the comfy bed. I set my alarm for 90 minutes, and closed my eyes.


I thought the air conditioning was trying to turn on, so I turned off the unit.


I rolled over.


I had no idea what was making that sound, and got up and explored the bungalow. I looked outside:

Raven in a Juniper Tree
 Raven had come to welcome me to the Desert! Of course, immediately wide awake, I just had to go and talk with Him:

After good conversation, I gave offerings of cornmeal to both Him and all of the Spirits of Place. With His guidance (and nice "croaking" reminders), I gave offerings of cornmeal for each and every trail-head, sacred cairn/marker, "vortex" and whenever I felt Called.*

During my trip, Raven greeted me every single day, and often joined me on my long (4-5 hour!) hikes. He was super-playful, very Tricksy, and rather adept at manifesting Himself physically anytime I was struggling with a particularly difficult Journey or "Aha!" moment.

But what about Coyote? Where was He?

Sadly, I never saw a physical coyote while in the desert (not this time, at least). However, Coyote was present at each Journey, and gave me wonderful insight into the Desert, the Land, and His People. He was able to welcome me my first night, during my tour of the Night Sky. As our group sat on the freezing soccer field (open space needed for the telescope), I heard a giggle, then a yip, then a short bark. My ears immediately perked up, and I had a giant grin on my face. The tour guide said, "Well folks, we seem to have a pack of coyotes near us. Just stay with the group."  I laughed, and then the coyote voices exploded: at least 7 or 8 howled, barked, yipped, laughed, and sang.

Of course, I couldn't focus on anything else, and tears of joy froze halfway down my cheeks.

Stay tuned for the next blog entry, where Coyote tells me the Secrets of the Vortexes!

*Note: My offerings were given just off of the paths of parking lots (most of the time), to preserve to sacredness and beauty of the spaces. Additionally, I was a Guest with these Spirits, and was warned by many Natives to NOT leave offerings at the actual places (it is considered extremely rude and disrespectful by those who are of the Culture, and who work with the Spirits of Place directly).


  1. I've never seen the physical manifestation of my totem (tiger) outside of a zoo. Even then, it's pretty powerful to be in their presence, but the energy is rather subdued because of the setting.

    Part of me would LOVE to see a tiger in the wild, but the rational biologist side of me thinks that would probably be a Very Bad Idea.


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