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Upcoming Grand Crystal Healing Ceremony on Sunday, Jan 4th!

With regards to my previous article on the Holidays, I know that many wonderful and amazing people will be in need of healing for the New Year. There are many ways to invite healing into your life: perhaps focusing on a return of energy after dealing with family/friends, a removal of blockages, a desire to set new goals for the new year, or even a "clean energetic slate" in which to meet the challenges of 2015.

For those that are local to the DC Metro area (or don't mind a bit of a drive, as it's just an hour south of Baltimore), I encourage you to attend the next Grand Crystal Healing Ceremony, on Sunday January 4th, at the Blueberry Gardens.

The Grand Crystal Healing Ceremony is a public ceremony, open to all who register in advance*, and is an excellent way to receive healing from a number of shamanic healers** (all with different skills sets and Helping Spirits).

A giant grid is created in the center of the Octagon Healing Room, and each participant brings a blan…

Holidays, Family Drama, and Emotional Upheaval

In the United States, December is filled with huge amounts of emotion, tension, stress, anxiety, hopes, fears,  and expectations (that are sometimes not filled). The focus is on the Holidays and Family, and that combination can bring past hurts and Soul Loss to the forefront. Everyone is trying to prepare for the "drama" of visiting relatives, many who are unable to see a person as anyone other that who s/he was as a child.

There is a huge divide between the expectation of love and acceptance from family/loved ones, and the reality of family patterns being replayed over and over again. Most of the time it is unconscious (no fault of any relative), but in some situations, relatives can be quite cruel if one does not "fit" into their notions of a "good daughter, son, cousin, wife, husband, mother, uncle, etc."  Psychologically and energetically, this is exhausting and secretly disappointing.

The Spirits have come through in a big way in each and every app…

Making Room for Spirit(s) and Showing Gratitude

I've written before about how Nature is compelled to fill all vacuums, which is a philosophy that I have tried  to use proactively. By releasing myself from my job, my ideas about a "normal workweek," and all my expectations, I've been able to re-align my perspective on true abundance, health, and helping the public. In fact, I've been ecstatic to help others find deeper, more profound healing, and not be bound by the limits of the public mental health system! I've also been amazed that by making all of this "room" in my life for this work, the Spirits have come through for me (and clients) in miraculous ways.

It's been a little over four months since becoming a full-time shamanic healer, and I am reflecting back on the lessons learned, and my many gratitudes:
I am thankful for the Spirits presence in my life-- all the Ancestors, Nature Spirits, Spirits of Land/Place, Deities, and Unknowable Great Ones. Everything has become so tied together, an…

Grr! Norovirus attacks, and brings serious reflections

Oh dear gods, what an insanely difficult week of sickness.

I got whammied by the most intense stomach flu I've had since I was a child! Gah!

I've only recently started to feel human again (well, as human as I can feel with lots of Spirits in my head-- tee hee), and this particular "purging" process was rather brutal.

Of course, Spirits sometimes give lessons in rather obvious and profound ways, and I think this painful purge and "re-setting" of my body (coinciding with an interesting dream of my own death a few weeks back) is continuing a process of releasing, intuiting, and clearing that began on August 1st, when I jumped into shamanism full-time.

I am looking forward to exploring this more, especially as I never want to get laid out like this again!