Making Room for Spirit(s) and Showing Gratitude

I've written before about how Nature is compelled to fill all vacuums, which is a philosophy that I have tried  to use proactively. By releasing myself from my job, my ideas about a "normal workweek," and all my expectations, I've been able to re-align my perspective on true abundance, health, and helping the public. In fact, I've been ecstatic to help others find deeper, more profound healing, and not be bound by the limits of the public mental health system! I've also been amazed that by making all of this "room" in my life for this work, the Spirits have come through for me (and clients) in miraculous ways.

It's been a little over four months since becoming a full-time shamanic healer, and I am reflecting back on the lessons learned, and my many gratitudes:
  • I am thankful for the Spirits presence in my life-- all the Ancestors, Nature Spirits, Spirits of Land/Place, Deities, and Unknowable Great Ones. Everything has become so tied together, and the fabric of my practice is much more deeply-woven (and stronger).
  • I am thankful for dearly loved friends and family, who support me in following my desire to do this Work.
  • I am thankful for having the time available to give truly heart-centered follow-up to those in need, and to have the time available for those in crisis.
  • I am thankful for the new connections, new relationships, and new friendships that have grown out of shamanic healing ceremonies.
  • I am thankful for the support of other spiritually-minded folk that help me to succeed.
  • I am thankful for my background in mental health, Reiki, Druidry, magick, music (voice & violin), runes, and crystals/stones. They combine in such an intuitive way for each individual healing, that I wonder if my many years of education and training were Spirits' way of leading me to this path!
  • I am thankful for being my own boss. This was never more true than being knocked out by the damn Norovirus and not having to worry about calling in sick, trying to convince a boss that I really am sick, calling in each day I am sick, and then having to make it to a doctor to get an excuse to prove that I should be paid my earned sick time because I really am sick. <-- always hated doing that
Of course, with the gratitude and reflection, I realize that there are many things that I need to buckle down and work on for my own growth:
  • I need to learn more anatomy. I was thankful during a session that I picked up on a client's possible gestational diabetes issues with a future child (it was a magical "aha!" moment for both of us) but I had to pull out a picture book to figure out where the pancreas was and what Spirits were trying to tell me! Funny but a bit embarrassing!
  • I need to adapt more magickal clearing techniques for self-healing. This "norovirus purge" showed me that even though I prepare for appointments and complete grounding afterwards, it's not enough. This work goes deep, deeper than my counseling work with mental health clients, and so my self-care needs to go deep as well. 
  • I need to expand my knowledge of Deities. Many times, the Orishas, the Lwa, and even Persian deities have shown up for a client, but I know of them by name only (as they are "friends of friends" of other deities I work with). It can be helpful for clients to know Who is taking an interest in them when I have more information.
  • I need to expand my knowledge of symbol sets. The Spirits can only communicate with me via the images and concepts I already have in my brain. If I have more symbols and concepts, then I can receive more accurate information.
I dearly love this work, and I love helping people become more whole, energized, and empowered. I can't wait to see what lessons the next few months bring!

(But please gods, no more norovirus!)


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