Upcoming Grand Crystal Healing Ceremony on Sunday, Jan 4th!

With regards to my previous article on the Holidays, I know that many wonderful and amazing people will be in need of healing for the New Year. There are many ways to invite healing into your life: perhaps focusing on a return of energy after dealing with family/friends, a removal of blockages, a desire to set new goals for the new year, or even a "clean energetic slate" in which to meet the challenges of 2015.

For those that are local to the DC Metro area (or don't mind a bit of a drive, as it's just an hour south of Baltimore), I encourage you to attend the next Grand Crystal Healing Ceremony, on Sunday January 4th, at the Blueberry Gardens.

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The Grand Crystal Healing Ceremony is a public ceremony, open to all who register in advance*, and is an excellent way to receive healing from a number of shamanic healers** (all with different skills sets and Helping Spirits).

A giant grid is created in the center of the Octagon Healing Room, and each participant brings a blanket (or yoga mat or chair) to sit/lay on. The participants surround the grid in the center, sort of like spokes on a bicycle wheel. The ceremony begins with Songs of Invitation for many different Helping Spirits, from all different cultures, and the numerous shamanic healers use this time to go into trance.

When the songs are finished, each healer picks a section of the room and begins working with each participant. Moving in a clockwise circle, each participant receives Personalized Healing from a range of shamanic healers, which can highlight similar issues to be healed, or a variety of blockages that are removed as a whole. As each participant waits for his/her turn with a healer, the crystals/stones in the grid provide subtle healing, too!

Participants are encouraged to bring a Journal, in order to write down the things discussed with each individual healer. It helps to organize thoughts in between mini-sessions with each healer (and healers can sometimes have great difficulty remembering what the Spirits have said to each individual person at Grand Healing Ceremonies!). Books will also be available to look up the meaning of different crystals and stones, if a healer uses them in your healing.

After a few hours (sometimes 2.5, sometimes 3), the healers will return to the center of the room and sing the Closing/Thank You songs, and end the ceremony.

At this time, many different things can happen:
  • The Healers will stuff their faces with food! Yum!
  • Some Healers may have energy to discuss a bit more about different crystals/stones and/or Helping Spirits (animals, deities, ancestors, etc).
  • Participants will also eat food and socialize with everyone (please bring your own food with you-- there are not many restaurants close by...).
  • Students may help to wrap stones/crystals and pack away the grid.
Many of these things will depend on the Healers' energy levels, so please be mindful before approaching anyone with detailed questions!

The Healing Work done in cooperation with Helping Spirits at Public Ceremonies can help in a variety of ways, but is not the same as Healing Work done during individual appointments. A few of the healers who work in a professional capacity will have cards with him/her,  in order to assist with the follow-up work.

Interested? Grand Crystal Healing Ceremonies sell out quickly, so reserve your spot today!

Important Points:
  • The ceremony is from 11am to 4pm on Sunday Jan 4th 2015.
  • Blueberry Gardens has adequate parking, but it is good to arrive around 10:45am to park, claim your space on the healing floor, and use the restroom beforehand.
  • Things to bring with you: Lunch, a Journal, blanket/yoga mat/chair.
  • Payment must be made in advance, via PayPal (no money will be taken the day of).
    • To secure your place, log in to your own PayPal account, click on "Send Money" and send $75.00 to this email address: healing@summary.net  Note: If you have any issues, please email me-- you may not receive a confirmation email from us, but you will from PayPal!
Hope to see you there!

*Again, I cannot stress this enough-- you must secure your place in advance! We usually sell out early and quickly, and cannot accommodate more than 25-30 participants.
**The Shamanic Healers for this ceremony are myself, Caroline Kenner, Literata, Christian Stone,  and a range of current & graduated students from Gryphons Grove School of Shamanism.


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