Pictures from the most recent Grand Healing Ceremony!

The Grand Public Healing Ceremony on the 4th of January was incredibly powerful and intense. Although it was scheduled months in advance, it serendipitously took place during the following powerful Astrological phenomena:
The effects of healing conducted during that time will be felt for many months to come (if you missed the Healing Ceremony, but would still like to work with Astrological Events coming up, please consider attending the Main Ritual at Between the Worlds/Sacred Space Conference).

Here are some photos of the Crystal Grid Caldera created for the Ceremony. As the only Druid Shaman working, I was supremely happy of the creation of the Sacred Middle Pillar (Well, Tree, Fire):

Crystals, stones, woods, pelts, & bones! (C) 2015 Lonely Coyote

Inner-grid representing "Fire in the Head" (C) 2015 Lonely Coyote

Inner-grid representing the "World Tree" and Irish Oghams (C) 2015 Lonely Coyote

Inner-grid representing the "Sacred Well" and Norse Runes (C) 2015 Lonely Coyote
The ceremony lasted many hours, and everyone received the healing that s/he most needed to go forward into 2015. At the end, when packing and cleaning were done, the Healers were greeted with an amazing sight:

Sky Spirits give Blessings! (C) 2015 Lonely Coyote

Perfect Omen at the end of an incredible Healing Ceremony! (C) 2015 Lonely Coyote

The next Grand Healing Ceremony will not be until November 2015. Stay tuned to this space for details!


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