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Energetic Integration: a seemingly counterintuitive solution from Spirits

In almost every shamanic session I've ever had, the Helping Spirits give "shamanic homework" in order for the client to fully integrate his/her healing, and to start making small life changes.

For a recent client, the homework appeared counterintuitive: Don't do anything!

The client contacted me about some shamanic healing work a few months ago, as she was dealing with low energy levels, difficulty healing fully after surgeries, and some trouble connecting to the Divine outside of herself during daily meditations (she is deeply spiritual and magical, and is very dedicated to her relationships with Deities and energy work).

After singing my songs and closing my eyes, I took at look at her, and the Spirits gave me loads of information:
The main theme -- because of her devotion to her twice-daily spiritual meditation practice, she was running a huge amount of energy through her chakras! Once in the morning (i.e., during a shower), and a slightly different magical working…

Sacred Space/Between the Worlds Conference (coming soon!)

I'm a bit behind in writing about one of my favorite spirituality conferences, Sacred Space. This will be my fifth year, and my third year as a Presenter. I've written about this conference before:

2011: (whoops, only written notes!)
2012: here
2013: here
2014: here, here, and here

For 2015, Sacred Space is combining with Between the Worlds Conference into a giant Spritual-Magical-Ritual Event, similar to Hogwarts as a graduate school! Many genuine, amazing, and famous presenters will be featured at this conference, such as:
Dolores Ashcroft-NowickiJudika IllesDiana PaxonAepthaT. Thorn CoyleIvo Dominguez, jr.Katrina MessengerDorothy MorrisonChristopher PenczakKirk ThomasMichael G. Smithand many others here and here! I will be presenting two different workshops this conference; Differentiating between mental illness and spiritual experience (c) 2013, and Psychopomp: techniques for healing the dead (c) 2015.

For those that are interested in attending, Registration is available …

How Coyote Manifests Himself in Ordinary Reality (Arizona III)

(see previous posts here and here)

One of the biggest jokes between me and Coyote is that I have never seen a regular coyote in the flesh.

Coyotes are found everywhere in the Americas, and although I have lived in quite a few places, I've only ever heard them in southern Ohio (during my first shamanic journey workshop). I spoke with Coyote quite extensively before my trip to Arizona, and really hoped that I would see one in the wild.

Now, although He gave me quite the welcome the first night, I never heard or saw a coyote the entire rest of the trip. However, I did have a funny and synchronous interaction during a hike in Red Rock State Park:

I was hiking back to my rental car after a short, 3 hour loop. It was early, I hadn't seen anyone else on the trail for miles, and I was starving for a hearty lunch. About 1/4 mile from the end of the trail, I passed a group of hikers (perhaps in their 50s?), and we exchanged hellos. One gentleman kept talking with me, in a very loud and …

The Sacred Healing Powers of Salt

For any sort of spiritual intrusion, energy loss, psychic attack, or power drain, the first recommended course of action is working with Salt.

Salt, chemically written as NaCl (sodium chloride)*, has many layers of healing properties. It is vitally important to our Oceans (which make up 75% of the planet Earth), and is representative of the Element of Earth in countless rituals, ceremonies, and religious offerings. Chemically, it is a balanced and stable compound, and when its chemical bonds break, it releases negatively charged ions. It is part of the mammalian body system, and certain levels must be maintained for heart function, electrolytes, brain chemistry, etc. Magically, it is a great energy neutralizer and banisher, and has been used in House Clearings, Psychopomp rituals, Office "resets", and Restorative rites.**

Personally, it is one of the best ways that humans can reset and re-balance their own energy fields. Salt baths and salt scrubs (such as in a shower) are e…