Energetic Integration: a seemingly counterintuitive solution from Spirits

In almost every shamanic session I've ever had, the Helping Spirits give "shamanic homework" in order for the client to fully integrate his/her healing, and to start making small life changes.

For a recent client, the homework appeared counterintuitive: Don't do anything!

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The client contacted me about some shamanic healing work a few months ago, as she was dealing with low energy levels, difficulty healing fully after surgeries, and some trouble connecting to the Divine outside of herself during daily meditations (she is deeply spiritual and magical, and is very dedicated to her relationships with Deities and energy work).

After singing my songs and closing my eyes, I took at look at her, and the Spirits gave me loads of information:
The main theme -- because of her devotion to her twice-daily spiritual meditation practice, she was running a huge amount of energy through her chakras! Once in the morning (i.e., during a shower), and a slightly different magical working in the evening around bedtime.
Lately, the "shielding" around her body had been tissue-thin, especially with all of the physically-draining things over the past six months. The Spirits talked about how the continued expansion/opening of her energy bodies/chakras, while still dealing with physical maladies, was actually affecting her healing process. Things that would normally bounce off her were getting in, and continually weakening her energetically (especially as she was trying so hard to self-clean with her 2x/day magical workings).
Her Helping Spirits and I worked together to clear out the intrusions, bring her energy levels back up, and start to repair her energetic and auric shielding. We also brought back Soul Essence, to help her maintain the healing work. Finally, at the end of the ceremony, the Spirits put her on energetic "down time" and asked her not to do any active work for ~2 weeks. This was to give her physical body a chance to finally heal effectively, so that once her physical body containment was 100%, her energetic bodies would align and the shields would have something to attach to fully.

This is not the first client whom I have worked with to experience this type of "Spiritual Grounding." My own Spirits have enforced this, when I need to integrate the healings I've received, or to recuperate after my own extensive energy work. "Down time" is a very necessary part of the healing process, and probably the most difficult "prescription" to receive. All of us want to feel something real, ecstatic, and genuine, but we must allow ourselves to integrate, incorporate, and store that knowledge. 

A good friend, Ivo Dominguez jr, addresses this topic in his book, Casting Sacred Space. Spiritual and magical muscles need rest in order to be ready for work at a later time. Too much use of those spiritual/magical muscles, and one can injure him/herself (i.e., headaches, low energy, Soul Loss, etc.).

How do you ensure your "Spritiual Downtime?" What types of "surface distraction" do you engage in?


  1. What a powerful message! I am always amazed at your clarity.


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