How Coyote Manifests Himself in Ordinary Reality (Arizona III)

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One of the biggest jokes between me and Coyote is that I have never seen a regular coyote in the flesh.

Coyotes are found everywhere in the Americas, and although I have lived in quite a few places, I've only ever heard them in southern Ohio (during my first shamanic journey workshop). I spoke with Coyote quite extensively before my trip to Arizona, and really hoped that I would see one in the wild.

Now, although He gave me quite the welcome the first night, I never heard or saw a coyote the entire rest of the trip. However, I did have a funny and synchronous interaction during a hike in Red Rock State Park:

I was hiking back to my rental car after a short, 3 hour loop. It was early, I hadn't seen anyone else on the trail for miles, and I was starving for a hearty lunch. About 1/4 mile from the end of the trail, I passed a group of hikers (perhaps in their 50s?), and we exchanged hellos. One gentleman kept talking with me, in a very loud and fast voice, "Ah! What a beautiful girl! You deserve a sweetheart!" He gave me this:

Coyote Love! (c) 2015 Lonely Coyote
I thought the older gentleman was simply a harmless flirt, so I giggled and put the stone in my pocket. When I went to thank them, the group  had already walked away down the trail.

Of course, it wasn't until later, when I realized that I didn't remember seeing the gentleman hiking with the others (after I turned around), that I realized it was Old Man Coyote!

Have you ever had Spirits visit you in regular life? How did you know who it was?


  1. When you come back to Arizona we will have coyotes for you to meet!!

  2. When you come back to Arizona we will have coyotes for you to meet!!


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