Sacred Space/Between the Worlds Conference (coming soon!)

Sacred Space Conference 2015, March 5th-8th!
I'm a bit behind in writing about one of my favorite spirituality conferences, Sacred Space. This will be my fifth year, and my third year as a Presenter. I've written about this conference before:

2011: (whoops, only written notes!)
2012: here
2013: here
2014: here, here, and here

For 2015, Sacred Space is combining with Between the Worlds Conference into a giant Spritual-Magical-Ritual Event, similar to Hogwarts as a graduate school! Many genuine, amazing, and famous presenters will be featured at this conference, such as:
I will be presenting two different workshops this conference; Differentiating between mental illness and spiritual experience (c) 2013, and Psychopomp: techniques for healing the dead (c) 2015.

For those that are interested in attending, Registration is available online or at the door. There are a range of packages, from daily rates to the entire conference + Gala.

I hope to see you there--Aaaaoooooooo!


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