27 March, 2015

Quick pictures from Shamanic Drumming Class

Yesterday's class was a wonderful treat, and the hopeful beginning to a strong, steady community of shamanic journey folk.

After the group left, I helped to clean up the space. All of a sudden, I heard a strange noise, sort of like scampering and clanking. I ran towards my chair with my stones and crystals on it, and saw this:

(c) 2015 Lonely Coyote
Simba the Cat wanted healing from my stones and crystals, and Coyote also gave him some love, too!

It was such a cute moment that I asked a friend to take a picture of it:

(c) 2015 Lonely Coyote
The next Shamanic drumming/journey group will take place on April 30th. Interested? Please send me an email for details!

23 March, 2015

New Beginning Shamanic Journey Classes starting this Thursday!

Interested in learning Shamanic Journey skills for yourself? Want to increase your relationships with Spirits in your life?  Come and join my new Drumming/Journey Group March 26th:

(c) Monika Lonely Coyote, 2015
My name is Monika Lonely Coyote, and I am a Shamanic Healer located near Baltimore, MD. I am a full-time shamanic healer, and my practice includes both Individual and Group Healing Ceremonies, House Clearings, Baby Blessings, Rites of Passage, Journey Workshops, and an international online (via Skype) practice. I have recently been accepted into Sandra Ingerman’s 2016/2017 Teacher Training program, and am looking forward to helping others discover shamanic journeying as a self-healing and spiritual practice!

Shamanic Journeying is a spiritual technique used to contact Helping Spirits in “Otherworlds” in order to receive healing, knowledge, and insight. It is a type of "direct revelation" that is very empowering, and can be learned by individuals in all cultures. There have been numerous articles, books, magazines, etc. written about shamanic journeying, but my favorite is Sandra Ingerman's text: Shamanic Journeying, a Beginner's Guide. It is very grounded in basic skills and techniques, and written in an easily-accessible and understandable way (it also includes a CD with drumming tracks).

If you are interested in learning beginning Shamanic Journeying skills, I am leading a class (in fellowship with Gina L. Sager, MD, RYT) the last Thursday evening of each month, from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. These classes will be located in Phoenix, MD (Baltimore County), with the first one on March 26th, 2015. 

Space is limited to 15 attendees, and payment of $40 can be made via PayPal or check to reserve your spot (please email for details, and to receive directions, location, address, parking instructions, etc.).

Looking forward to meeting you, and helping you to connect with your own Helping Spirits!

16 March, 2015

Quickie update with links and pictures!

March has certainly started off with a roar!

Sacred Space/Between the Worlds 2015 was a game-changer; helping to move humanity towards doing needed spiritual work in the world. I haven't had a chance to write about it yet (due to Con Crud), but here are some excellent links from others:
The Wild Hunt


And here's a picture of the crystal grid created for the most recent shamanic healing ceremony (this past weekend in Lynchburg, VA):

Created on a Reindeer pelt!
Stay tuned for updates soon!

04 March, 2015

Final preparations for Sacred Space/Between the Worlds Conference tomorrow!

(see previous post about the conference)

Between the Worlds, ASW (c) 2015

Sacred Space/Between the Worlds 2015 begins tomorrow, March 5th, and things are already in a bit of a frenzy!

The weather stations surrounding Baltimore are predicting a snowstorm, with freezing rain and icy, wet snow, with up to 10 inches of precipitation (tonight into tomorrow morning). Ugh.

Many attendees are attempting to make it to the hotel tonight, in order to be safe when the storm hits. Others are staying at home and awaiting the road conditions for Thursday, and perhaps driving during the late afternoon. Some are forced to wait until Friday morning to make the commute.

I haven't quite figured out what I myself will do, as I would love the extra time this evening to pack, finalize my presentations, and finish any last-minute laundry.

For those of you attending, and for those of you traveling, I am sending prayers to all of the Helping Spirits for a safe commute, and an uneventful trip. Please join me in doing so, and help create a safe place of sanctuary and refuge for all of us.