Final preparations for Sacred Space/Between the Worlds Conference tomorrow!

(see previous post about the conference)

Between the Worlds, ASW (c) 2015

Sacred Space/Between the Worlds 2015 begins tomorrow, March 5th, and things are already in a bit of a frenzy!

The weather stations surrounding Baltimore are predicting a snowstorm, with freezing rain and icy, wet snow, with up to 10 inches of precipitation (tonight into tomorrow morning). Ugh.

Many attendees are attempting to make it to the hotel tonight, in order to be safe when the storm hits. Others are staying at home and awaiting the road conditions for Thursday, and perhaps driving during the late afternoon. Some are forced to wait until Friday morning to make the commute.

I haven't quite figured out what I myself will do, as I would love the extra time this evening to pack, finalize my presentations, and finish any last-minute laundry.

For those of you attending, and for those of you traveling, I am sending prayers to all of the Helping Spirits for a safe commute, and an uneventful trip. Please join me in doing so, and help create a safe place of sanctuary and refuge for all of us.


  1. Yep, I'm packing and doing last minute prep tonight and tomorrow morning before I go pick up my mother from the airport tomorrow afternoon. Prayers to all for a safe, pleasant, uneventful journey!

  2. Yay!! Safe travels, and have fun! I hope to meet you there one year!


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