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Baltimore on Fire: Healing the Urban Spirit of the Land

It's been a rough few days.
The media shows a Baltimore on fire, full of rioters and looters. Of course, that's not even close to an accurate representation of what's really happening in the city. Many others have written objective and somewhat accurate articles regarding recent events (see here, here, here, here, and here). For this post, I am writing about Baltimore's magic.

In Paganism, and Druidry in particular, there is great emphasis on working with the Spirits of the Land. In my own personal magical philosophy, as both a Druid and a Urban Mystic (native New Yorker here), I believe in working not only with the Land, but with the Egregore created by communities of group minds. For example, Baltimore City has a different "energy & spirit" than New York City, but both have similar Urban Nature Spirits within them that work under the direction and protection of the City Itself.

When I first moved here back in 2011, I ritually "plugged in" to t…

Trillium Gathering, an ADF Druid Festival

I am excitedly preparing for the first outdoor festival of the season, Trillium Gathering.

I've only been to Trillium one other time, over 3 years ago. This festival has a reputation for its amazing hospitality, Warrior Games, thought-provoking workshops, Brewing Competition, and it is the first major gathering of Druids and pagans in the "festival year" that extends from April to September.

I will be presenting on "Differentiating between mental illness and spiritual experiences" on Saturday afternoon. I've given this lecture numerous times over the past ~4 years, and it gets streamlined and refined with each presentation. At Sacred Space/Between the Worlds 2015, I was given the amazing feedback to flesh out my lecture into a book/screening tool. Stay tuned for that!

I will be heading out to Cross Junction, Virginia in a few short hours, and I'm greatly looking forward to reconnecting with fellow Druids. Although I am no longer a formal member of the

Another lesson in Salt Healing: The Salt Sanctuary of Maryland

A few weeks ago, I had the great joy to participate in a Yoga Nidra Meditation at the Salt Sanctuary, a new alternative healing location in Elkridge, MD.

I've written about the amazing healing properties of Salt (NaCl) in a previous post. The Universe always provides funny little synchronicities, and the grand opening of a new Salt Room only 30 minutes from my apartment was a wonderful surprise!

My dear friend, Gina Sager, MD, organized the event on a Saturday afternoon. The store front was a little hard to find via GPS, as it's not quite in Google Maps yet, but once I made it to the shopping center, it was easier to locate (and ample parking, too).

Ellen, the owner of the Salt Sanctuary, was there to greet us (and make sure we made it okay). She answered all of our questions as to the physical healing properties of salt, and gave us a quick synopsis of a typical salt session. After she finished her mini-presentation, we were directed to place our belongings in the provided lo…

The Most Sacred of Holy Days...

Happy wonderful tricksy April Fool's Day!

After Halloween, this is my favorite holiday. The desire to help people to laugh at themselves (and at me!) can be overwhelming sometimes, and this day makes mirth and silliness the norm.

For me, this holy day has never been about playing hurtful, painful, or embarrassing jokes on others. That type of trickery is too close to bullying, and leaves a bad taste all around.

I prefer to play tricks on myself, and see the response in others. As an example, I have enjoyed pretending that I am my own "evil twin" since dying my blonde hair brunette. It shakes up every day perceptions, and many people giggle when they realize they can't recognize me for a while!

Another good example is how I play tricks at work for mental health clients.

This day is about joyful revelry and flipping the status quo. Spiritually, it helps us to live in the present, break up worries and anxieties, and look at the same things in our environment in a diff…