Another lesson in Salt Healing: The Salt Sanctuary of Maryland

A few weeks ago, I had the great joy to participate in a Yoga Nidra Meditation at the Salt Sanctuary, a new alternative healing location in Elkridge, MD.
I've written about the amazing healing properties of Salt (NaCl) in a previous post. The Universe always provides funny little synchronicities, and the grand opening of a new Salt Room only 30 minutes from my apartment was a wonderful surprise!

My dear friend, Gina Sager, MD, organized the event on a Saturday afternoon. The store front was a little hard to find via GPS, as it's not quite in Google Maps yet, but once I made it to the shopping center, it was easier to locate (and ample parking, too).

Ellen, the owner of the Salt Sanctuary, was there to greet us (and make sure we made it okay). She answered all of our questions as to the physical healing properties of salt, and gave us a quick synopsis of a typical salt session. After she finished her mini-presentation, we were directed to place our belongings in the provided lockers (especially our shoes) and make our way to the large room at the back of the office.

A set of French doors opened into another world! Sea salt covered the floor, the walls, the ceiling, and was even pumped into the air via a specialized halogenerator. Each participant was given special booties to cover the feet, and as we made our way to the zero-gravity chairs for the meditation, we crunched across the salt floor. With the strange acoustics (due to the salt-encrusted walls), it felt like we were walking on the Moon!

The Yoga Nidra session lasted a little over an hour, and many of us found that both the zero-gravity chairs and the Salt Room supported a deeper meditative state, and clearer visions during the pathworking. The stresses of life quickly melted away in the salt atmosphere, and participants remarked on how quickly they were able to "drop their consciousness down into the body" (a process that usually takes 15-25 minutes). All of us were able to breathe deeply from the belly, and any participants with coughs found them lessened or gone by the end of the session.

Spiritually, I found that almost all participants released blockages around the energetic bodies (i.e., stress, emotional imprints, memories, past attachments, anxieties, etc.). The salt quickly neutralized them, returning everything to an "energetic zero" which prevented anyone's "stuff" from attaching to anyone else. It also destabilized negative "thought forms" which helped participants to feel more empowered in their own body. Gina's wonderful words flowed perfectly with this process!

I greatly enjoyed my time there, and am looking forward to my next session. I also feel like a drumming/chanting session would be extremely powerful in that environment (stay tuned while I figure out details!). I encourage anyone who is interested in alternative forms of healing (i.e., Reiki, acupuncture, essential oils, shamanic healing) to check it out, and to bring a friend!

Have you ever spent time in a Salt Room? What was your experience?


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