17 April, 2015

Trillium Gathering, an ADF Druid Festival

I am excitedly preparing for the first outdoor festival of the season, Trillium Gathering.

(c) ADF
I've only been to Trillium one other time, over 3 years ago. This festival has a reputation for its amazing hospitality, Warrior Games, thought-provoking workshops, Brewing Competition, and it is the first major gathering of Druids and pagans in the "festival year" that extends from April to September.

I will be presenting on "Differentiating between mental illness and spiritual experiences" on Saturday afternoon. I've given this lecture numerous times over the past ~4 years, and it gets streamlined and refined with each presentation. At Sacred Space/Between the Worlds 2015, I was given the amazing feedback to flesh out my lecture into a book/screening tool. Stay tuned for that!

I will be heading out to Cross Junction, Virginia in a few short hours, and I'm greatly looking forward to reconnecting with fellow Druids. Although I am no longer a formal member of the ADF organization, it served as home for over 10 years, and the core spirituality continues to fill me in such a complete way (and I feel a real ancestor connection to it, too).

Hope to see quite a few of you there!

(Interested in attending another Druid Festival? Please check out Pan Druid Retreat in May!)

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