Pictures from PanDruid Retreat

Wow, May has been a crazy month so far, and so difficult to play catch up! Must be that funky Mercury Retrograde...ha!

As I'm writing different articles (i.e., Healing for Nepal, Psychopomp Work, Ethical Standards in Healing Professions, etc.), here are some amazing pictures from the PanDruid Retreat Weekend & Conference. Enjoy!

View of the Front Lawn from Parking Lot, (c) 2015

Touch the skull and say hello to the Spirits of this Land (c) 2015
Starting my hike into the Sacred Woods, full of Healing Altars (c) 2015

Healing Prayers to Quan Yin (c) 2015
Well-marked trails that lead to sacred landscapes (c) 2015
The Entrance to the Druid Portal (c) 2015
The secondary portal behind the main Druid Portal (c) 2015
Have our offerings been accepted by the Nature Spirits? Black Bear says YES! (c) 2015
Pagoda and small altars surrounding it (c) 2015
Lots of "secret nooks" for meditation and communion! (c) 2015
Earth Healers Altar, in need of healing itself (possibly the Druids' next project??) (c) 2015
My favorite hidden place; the Sacred "Three-Trunk" Oak (c) 2015
I adore bringing my rattle and Journeying through the Tree into the Otherworld (c) 2015
The Lizard of Love, found in the Phoenix Healing Altar (c) 2015
The dates for next year are already up on the website: June 2nd - June 5th, 2016. I highly recommend attending, and hope to see you there next year!


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