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Plant Spirit Shamanism: Mugwort

Mugwort is one of the most common magical plants found in the Eastern United States. It grows in gardens, near wooded areas, around parking lots, everywhere!

To continue the theme of Plant Magic and communication this month, here are the insights from Mugwort:
I am very sacred to Artemis, and would like sweat as an offering (when I prodded further, she spoke about sweat as a physical offering from the body, exertion when engaged in nature walks, competition, etc.).Mugwort tea is also sort of sweaty and frothy, so perhaps a sympathetic magical connection? I can help to see the larger patterns of an issue, such as the Mythic Themes of a person's life, because I bypass the "logical" side of the brain and speak in symbols.When compared to Clary Sage, I can find the pattern in disparate elements (Clary Sage is more linear and detail-oriented).I can be used to enhance dreams and dream recall, because I am slightly psychoactive (she then informed me that all plants are psychoact…

Plant Spirit Shamanism: Clary Sage

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In the ongoing heat and humidity of Summer, I am continuing my lessons with Spirits of the Plant World. My garden is a fun mix of planned-out areas and "bird-planted" areas (in which they scatter seed in the fertile earth). Some plants are edible, some are wild, some are hybridized, but all are magical!

Clary Sage:

I was first introduced to the magic of Clary Sage in an essential oil that was gifted to me, named "Concentration."  I loved the smell immediately, and felt the response in my brain-- I grounded fully into my body, and some of the ruminating thoughts and anxieties melted away so I could focus on one specific thing at a time. Ahhhhh what a feeling!

During the most recent Gryphons Grove shamanism class, I rattled and made my way to my own garden, to speak with the Spirit of Clary Sage. Here's what She told me:

"I work in a similar fashion to Rosemary, in that I cut …

How do I find my own Helping Spirit?

Finding a Helping Spirit is usually the first shamanic journey taught in any Drumming Group.*  Many people gravitate towards an Animal Spirit at first, to help them navigate the Otherworlds (although some meet deities or faires first). Different instructions are given in order to figure out who or what your Helping Spirit is, but here are a few tips that have helped me (phrased as if you were looking for your Animal Helper):  Asking the Spirits for the Animal Spirit most needed for your own healing at this time, to help you reach the next stage of your spiritual evolution (sometimes this is the Power Animal, sometimes it's not). Looking for an animal that shows up at least 4 times in a Journey.Seeing an animal in a Journey, and then seeing it on TV, in news articles, pictures on Facebook, etc. Researching a beloved deity's Animal Spirit (like Freya and her cats, as well as all her Hawks) and then Journeying to that Spirit for assistance. Picking up an Animal Spirits dictionary…

Learning about Plant Spirits in Shamanism

This past Sunday, I assisted with the Gryphons Grove class that focused on Plant Spirits and Helpers. A favorite of mine, I was excited to help drum and support the students in their journeys, as well as take a few journeys of my own.

In shamanic work, there is great importance (at least at the beginning of creating spiritual relationships) on asking the most effective questions. The Spirits communicate by using the language and symbols that already exist in our minds, and the most effective questions help us to bypass our Ego and get to the real knowledge.

When working with new Helping Spirits, I have three questions that I almost always ask:
Will you work with me in partnership for healing?Respect the "No" if it is the true response! What healing gifts do you bring to others?Sometimes, I'll ask for the gift of a healing for myself, to help understand the gifts that the Helping Spirits possess. What type of offering would you like for our work together?I follow a Dru…