Learning about Plant Spirits in Shamanism

 This past Sunday, I assisted with the Gryphons Grove class that focused on Plant Spirits and Helpers. A favorite of mine, I was excited to help drum and support the students in their journeys, as well as take a few journeys of my own.
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In shamanic work, there is great importance (at least at the beginning of creating spiritual relationships) on asking the most effective questions. The Spirits communicate by using the language and symbols that already exist in our minds, and the most effective questions help us to bypass our Ego and get to the real knowledge.

When working with new Helping Spirits, I have three questions that I almost always ask:
  • Will you work with me in partnership for healing?
    • Respect the "No" if it is the true response!
  • What healing gifts do you bring to others?
    • Sometimes, I'll ask for the gift of a healing for myself, to help understand the gifts that the Helping Spirits possess.
  • What type of offering would you like for our work together?
    • I follow a Druid path, and fully believe in ghosti when establishing new relationships.
By asking these questions to some of the above-pictured Plant Spirits, I learned about a few specialized skills of the plants with whom I work quite regularly!

Lemon Balm:
(c) Wiki Commons
 "I am a 'Counseling Plant' that uplifts the spirit when people are battling depression, anxiety, and fear. I am helpful when humans needs to verbally process their own grief, and my lemony scent works with honey to create a wonderful calming and stabilizing effect. I can also be made into a healing tea!"

(see previous entry on Rosemary here)
(c) Wiki Commons
"If Lemon Balm battles depression and compassion fatigue by lifting mood, then I battle both by cutting through the murkiness of a "depression fog" and bringing focus and concentration."

As the summer months continue, I will be working more with the Animal and Plant Spirits of North America and Europe. Stay tuned for Clary Sage, Lavender, Violet, Mugwort, and others!


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