Plant Spirit Shamanism: Clary Sage

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Clary Sage, a beautiful friend! (c) Lonely Coyote, 2015
In the ongoing heat and humidity of Summer, I am continuing my lessons with Spirits of the Plant World. My garden is a fun mix of planned-out areas and "bird-planted" areas (in which they scatter seed in the fertile earth). Some plants are edible, some are wild, some are hybridized, but all are magical!

Clary Sage:

I was first introduced to the magic of Clary Sage in an essential oil that was gifted to me, named "Concentration."  I loved the smell immediately, and felt the response in my brain-- I grounded fully into my body, and some of the ruminating thoughts and anxieties melted away so I could focus on one specific thing at a time. Ahhhhh what a feeling!

During the most recent Gryphons Grove shamanism class, I rattled and made my way to my own garden, to speak with the Spirit of Clary Sage. Here's what She told me:

"I work in a similar fashion to Rosemary, in that I cut through 'brain fog' and help with focus. Specifically, I help the 3rd eye focus in on spiritual vision, and support alertness and attention to detail. Although I can be eaten, I prefer to work with you as a magical plant, in a carrier oil. When working shamanically for others, place me on both the 3rd eye and the 'hidden eye.'"

"What's the 'hidden eye?'" I asked.

"The 'hidden eye' is located on the back of your neck, on the vertebrae that separate the spine from the brain stem. You don't have eyes in the back of your head, you have eyes in the back of your neck! By putting my oil on both 'eyes', the front and back of your body can work synergistically, so that nothing can sneak up on you during healing."

After her words, I took out my "Concentration" oil and put some on both places. There was a rush of energy, and practically felt my neurons firing in synch with each other!

I thanked her for her lessons, and returned to the classroom space. When I finally made it home that evening, I offered my thanks in person, along with water and blessings.

Have you ever worked with Clary Sage? Many either love or hate the strong scent-- how about you?

Stay tuned for more Plant Spirit Magic!


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