Plant Spirit Shamanism: Mugwort

Artemisia Vulgaris, Mugwort (from WikiCommons)
Mugwort is one of the most common magical plants found in the Eastern United States. It grows in gardens, near wooded areas, around parking lots, everywhere!

To continue the theme of Plant Magic and communication this month, here are the insights from Mugwort:
  • I am very sacred to Artemis, and would like sweat as an offering (when I prodded further, she spoke about sweat as a physical offering from the body, exertion when engaged in nature walks, competition, etc.).
    • Mugwort tea is also sort of sweaty and frothy, so perhaps a sympathetic magical connection?
  • I can help to see the larger patterns of an issue, such as the Mythic Themes of a person's life, because I bypass the "logical" side of the brain and speak in symbols.
  • When compared to Clary Sage, I can find the pattern in disparate elements (Clary Sage is more linear and detail-oriented).
  • I can be used to enhance dreams and dream recall, because I am slightly psychoactive (she then informed me that all plants are psychoactive/psychosomatic in some way!).
At this time, Artemis herself jumped in, and spoke about how she uses it to see the larger patterns in life events. "Why do you think I stayed in the woods? I didn't want to be bothered by the 'petty crap'!"  The Morrighan also spoke up near the end of the Journey, and let me know that she enjoys working with Mugwort, too. "I like all the bitter yet psychoactive knowledge plants."

Have you ever made Mugwort tea? What sort of effect did it have on your dreams?


  1. That's a really interesting, I am currently working with Mugwort and have had many lucid dreams recently, I keep getting a reoccurring theme of meeting a strong female character and she is usually accompanied by 3 males, im assuming these are her brothers, a representation of the protective side of this plant ally I have assumed. one of the dreams involved the female "Artemis" I’m guessing tickling me rather hard under my armpits, this was quite a frightening occurrence and I did not understand it at the time but I have been informed that she likes an offering of sweat this really does help me to further understand this plant ally and our interactions much further. Thank you so much.



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