Blue Moon magic with Plant Spirit Shamanism

Happy Full Moon to all!

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 Today's full moon is a Blue Moon, which means it is the second full moon within a month. This particular full moon is in Aquarius, an Air sign (the Water-Pourer). Many wonderful astrologers have written about this event (see here and here), and I decided to work with Plant Spirits for my own healing this evening.

 I have struggled with skin issues my whole life, and at 34, I still find it incredibly annoying that I get breakouts and acne. Ugh. When walking through my garden, both Lemon Balm and Rosemary talked with me and told me to make a healing brew with each of them.

(c) Lonely Coyote, 2015
I poured Witch Hazel, a good skin toner, over the herbs, said a few prayers, and sealed it up tight. It will stay in a cool, dry place from Full Moon (July 31) to Full Moon (Aug 29). Afterwards, I will strain it, pour it into spritzer bottles, and use it to help cleanse and tone my skin.

(c) Lonely Coyote, 2015
What types of herbal remedies do you like to use? Have you ever made one before? How does it compare to store-bought purchases?

(For those interested in more about the Council of All Beings, see this wonderful write up here!)

(And yes, I totally won the Scavenger Hunt!)


  1. Michael once made an incredible muscle liniment with herbs we grew in Pittsburgh. You put it on your skin and everything would just relax!!! I loved the stuff and have to ask him to make it again. I make mostly teas, everyday. Loved your fresh lemon balm iced tea! ♥

  2. I have a question: When lemon balm and rosemary spoke to you did they tell you how to prepare the solution or did you read about how to do it somewhere? I am just curious, because as I understand it, shamans learned how to use the plants through direct communication with them. It is such a fascinating thought for me. Thanks.


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