Council of All Earth Beings Retreat

This weekend, I will be in the mountains of Virginia, learning how to connect more fully with the Earth Mother and all of her creatures.
From Wiki Commons, Shenandoah Mountains VA
My skill set and spiritual work surrounds People, and how to empower them in order to go forth more healed in their lives.  But my personal spirituality (Druidry) involves working with the Land and the Nature Spirits, and the connection that comes when social structures fall away.

This weekend will be filled with drumming, singing, self-healing, connection, inspiration, and Silence. I am looking forward to time away from the stresses of modern-day living (i.e., technology, paying bills, etc.), and letting all of the wacky thoughts in my Monkey-brain die down to a gentle hum in the background.

What sort of mini-retreats do you enjoy? How do you re-connect to Nature after long workweeks?


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