Upcoming Lecture in Columbus, Ohio!

This coming Sunday, July 5th, I will be presenting my lecture on Differentiating between mental illness and spiritual experiences. It will take place at the Magical Druid, located on High Street, in Columbus, from 1pm to around 4pm. The lecture is open to the public, and the Facebook Event can be found here.

I've traveled to the greater Maryland & Virginia areas for conferences and workshops, but this will be the first time I'm heading west for a good 7+ hours of driving! I begin my drive to Ohio early tomorrow morning, and I am excited to spend the holiday weekend working with my friends, visiting family, and conducting healing appointments.

I am very excited to bring this work and discussion to the Heartland area, and can't wait to hike some of the trails at Mohican State Park. I lived in Ohio for about 12 years, and the corn farms and wooded trails help settle my homesickness when I've been away too long. It's the complete opposite of NYC (which fills a different need & homesickness), but is a big part of me as well.  My druidry is attached to that land and the Spirits of Place there, and I look forward to making offerings and communicating with them again.

(c) 2015 Lonely Coyote


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