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Upcoming Workshop with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki in October!

New Seed Sanctuary, based in Philadelphia, PA, is hosting Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki for an intensive weekend workshop!

I will be attending the full weekend, to learn more about the Otherworlds and traveling there by the Second Road. This weekend functions like a "Continuing Education Credits" intensive, and I am always empowered and energized when working with her.

Hope to see you there too!

Individual Healing Appointment Room

In working with new shamanic clients, I try to allay any fears and anxieties that they may have. I am very open about my process, and I provide education about the type of healing that is often inspired by an individual healing session.

While this is helpful, sometimes pictures do more than my words can.

 This is an image of part of my Healing Room. Clients are encouraged to lay on the comfy mattress (if able), on top of the White-tailed Deer pelt (Deer helps encourage transformation). Of course, Coyote has his pelt near the feet of the client, to help steady him/her, and to tell me if I'm missing anything while I'm rattling.

I use a sturdy "butt cushion" while working crossed-legged. My knees can no longer take sitting on the hard ground for long periods of time (2-3 hours), and so that particular butt cushion has saved me from many sore joints and muscles!

This image shows many of the crystals, stones, Runes, rattle, drum, and other tools I use for working with cli…

Happy Anniversary to Monika Lonely Coyote Shamanism!

I did it! I made it one whole year as a full-time shamanic healer (and three years since opening my practice)!

Yesterday, I performed a solitary ritual, to honor and thank all the Helping Spirits who have worked with me (and worked with my clients). I follow a Druid path in my personal spirituality, and offerings are a large part of the celebratory work that I do with the Kindred (Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and Shining Ones).

I've written about the types of offerings I enjoy giving in a previous blog article. For this ritual, I gave to the Ocean Conservancy (hail Manannan Mac Lir!), Defenders of Wildlife (hail Nature Spirits!), and the Sierra Club (hail the human advocates for Earth Mother!).

Once offerings were completed, I began a Journey to meet with all the Spirits, and to get guidance on my next 12 months of full time shamanism.  Many things were private, but quite a few lessons were discussed, as well as goals for the following year:
Growing my own knowledge and skills throu…