Individual Healing Appointment Room

In working with new shamanic clients, I try to allay any fears and anxieties that they may have. I am very open about my process, and I provide education about the type of healing that is often inspired by an individual healing session.

While this is helpful, sometimes pictures do more than my words can.

(c) Lonely Coyote, 2015
 This is an image of part of my Healing Room. Clients are encouraged to lay on the comfy mattress (if able), on top of the White-tailed Deer pelt (Deer helps encourage transformation). Of course, Coyote has his pelt near the feet of the client, to help steady him/her, and to tell me if I'm missing anything while I'm rattling.

I use a sturdy "butt cushion" while working crossed-legged. My knees can no longer take sitting on the hard ground for long periods of time (2-3 hours), and so that particular butt cushion has saved me from many sore joints and muscles!

(c) Lonely Coyote, 2015
This image shows many of the crystals, stones, Runes, rattle, drum, and other tools I use for working with clients. My right hand powers my visions with the sound of the rattle and the drum, while my left hand works healing and magic. I sit facing the client, who is on the mat, and everything I need is directly to the left of me.

The rest of my Healing Room is covered in statues, paintings, altars, prayer flags, candles, bones, masks, certificates, awards, degrees, books, and ritual garb. So many things represent different types of Spirits, their energies, and their offerings.

I love having a dedicated Healing Room in which to work, and I love helping new clients feel comfortable and welcome within the space!

Do you have a sacred room in your home? How about a special corner of a room with a dedicated altar? Do your pets react to the energy in it?


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