Arizona adventures, Part One (How I got my ears and tail)

This year marked my second trip to Sedona, AZ (see previous postings within this article).

(c) Lonely Coyote, 2015
I was very eager to get out into the desert and along the trails, and to Journey to Coyote and make offerings. I hiked out into the Red Rock State Park, along the Bell Rock trails, and climbed up to almost the top of a high pillar, so that I could look out across the wide expanse.

I made my offerings, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath...
I sent my roots down into the earth through the bottoms of my feet. They connected with the Earth Mother, her fiery heart center, and I drew that loving heat up my roots, up my feet, and into my body. I then stretched my arms up into the sky, and they continued into the atmosphere, further up towards the Sun and the fire in billions of stars. I drew that crackling heat into my crown and down into my body. I opened my senses to the Middle World, and saw the piercing blue sky full of colors, sort of like the rainbows that are at the sides of lens flares. Coyote and Raven both showed giant in the sky, but then flashed away in an instant.
I looked down, and saw a blur of greyish-tan scampering around the base of the mountain. It circled around, then backtracked, moving closer to me up the side of the pillar of rock. Coyote, in animal form, was darting around a self-made maze. I laughed in delight, and he leaped into my lap, turning into his human form, and gave me a big hug (I would have burst into tears, but I was so dehydrated up there!).
After some private discussion and healing, he gave me both ears and a tail, so that the desert would recognize me, and so that I would have an easier time managing my own water and energy levels when hiking for 5-6 hours. It really helped, and I am very thankful to him.

Stay tuned for more adventures in the desert, and pictures too!


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