Healing Ceremonies in the Sedona, AZ desert!

During the next two weeks, I will be on retreat in Sedona, AZ. This is my second trip here, as last year was such a life-changing experience (see posts here, here, and here).

The energy of the desert brings a type of healing that I've never experienced anywhere else. With the large amounts of Fire (sun & heat), Air (large, open spaces), and Earth (tough plants and Red Rock), I feel like all of my energy bodies are able to expand out to their full size. There are so few people out here, and I can hike for miles without seeing another soul. This type of "alone-but-not-lonely" vibe helps me to re-connect with all of my spirits, and realign my focus and purpose.

This trip, I want to work with the Spirits of Place (genius loci) for the benefit of my shamanic clients. I am offering a special type of remote healing work: Desert Healing & Soul Retrieval.

This type of individual healing ceremony can be purchased via PayPal online, by selecting a special drop-down option ($115). I will conduct a healing ceremony within Red Rock State Park (most likely near Boynton Canyon Trail, as I had great Journeys there last year). The healing work will include many of the items in a regular healing appointment, with a large focus on Elemental Healing for both the chakras and the numerous energy bodies. I will voice-record the healing, and send it via Google Drive and/or CD upon my return to Maryland.

Interested? Please include your name & a picture in your email to me, along with the PayPal payment, and I will work for you within the desert of Sedona! Note: This is a limited-time offer, only available during my retreat.


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