Interviewing a new Helping Spirit, the Caracal

Sometimes, Helping Spirits can be "in-your-face" when they want your attention!

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For the month of October, I've worked with many new clients for shamanic healing. A new animal spirit has been popping up in my Journeys for them, and in my waking life, the Caracal.

The Caracal is from Africa, parts of Asia, and India. I don't know much about them, but I've seen a few at the Smithsonian Zoo in Washington, DC. During the past few weeks, this kitty has shown up in no less than 3 different healing appointments, at the zoo, and even in television commercials for music CDs!

This, friends, is what we call a "Spiritual Two-by-Four."

I started to pay attention to the commonalities of those with this particular spirit helper. So far, Caracal has shown up in Journeys for those with important Scorpio placements in their astrological charts (Note: we are now in the sign of Scorpio (my birthday), so that's an interesting synchronicity!).

Other than that, I've been pretty stumped. There's no entry for the Caracal in any of my animal spirits texts, and online research has brought back slim pickings (a possible link to Ancient Egypt?). But I've gotten the very important message that she wants to work with me and my clients.

When working with a new Helping Spirit, there are a few ways in which I solidify my relationship with them:

  • Grab my rattle and Journey to the Spirit
    • My standby-interview questions are usually these: How would you like to work together? What healing do you bring? What insights do you have into a specific problem of mine? Do you want to be introduced to others, via shamanic classes, or remain private? What type of offerings would you like?
  • Google the Spirit, looking for myths, folklore, images, stories, and other insights
  • Pull Runes or Tarot Cards (or both), asking similar questions as above.
  • Sometimes, when available, I Journey with a group, and we all ask the Helping Spirit similar questions and compare notes (this is great for inter-rater reliability, ha ha!).
I look forward to Journeying to Caracal more, exploring our link together, and figuring out her particular insights!

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How do you being working with a new Spirit?


  1. I loved coming across this entry on your blog! The album Caracal means a lot to me, it's a dance music album and its upbeat tempo has been getting me through some demanding times recently, and I really relate to a lot of the lyrics. I went to a concert for the tour last week, and it made me smile and howl along when the crowd cheered as Caracal appeared on the large screen on stage. I doubt this will be helpful at all, but there's a line in a song called 'Nocturnal' on the album that goes: 'Why can't I find peace when a Caracal could sleep tonight?' Just thought I'd share :)


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