Upcoming Samhain Public Ritual at the Blueberry Gardens!

Hello Readers!

For those that are interested, there is an open Samhain ritual at the Blueberry Gardens. located in Ashton, MD. It will be on Saturday, Oct 31st, from 11am to around 4pm, hosted by the Gryphons Grove School of Shamanism.

(c) Gryphons Grove School of Shamanism
The day will be full of stories about our Ancestors, as well as potential Divination groups and general socializing. At 1pm, weather permitting, there will be a Ritual to the Mighty Dead at the small private cemetery. Afterwords, we will share food and drink and merriment until around 4pm.

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The cost of attendance is $10, to help offset the rental fee. Please bring a chair or cushion to sit on, your Divination materials (such as Tarot Cards, Runes, Oghams, or others), a pot luck dish to share, and cutlery with which to eat.

See you then!


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