December articles of hope

Happy December 1st to all! It's my favorite time of year soon, Winter-- bring on the snow!

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The past few weeks have rushed by so quickly! I had a birthday on the 19th, and celebrated Thanksgiving with my family in Ohio.

For this month, I am preparing a few detailed entries on house clearings, working with transgendered shamanic clients (such amazing energy states!), and keeping hope alive during world crises.

Until then, please read a few of my past posts, that are very supportive for this time of year:

How can I find my own Helping Spirit?

What can I do to support the community during crisis and violence?

How do I deal with overwhelming holiday emotions?

Where I can find my own outside retreat space?

Psychopomp work, death, and grief

How does shamanic healing impact anxiety and panic attacks?

I hope you enjoy the readings, and if you find yourself struggling with painful or difficult emotions, I would love to work with you for healing and Soul Retrieval. Email me today, and let's work on getting your "muchness" back!


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