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Upcoming FREE Healing Ceremony, via Facebook Live

On January 2nd, 2017, at 12 noon (EST), I will be offering a public Healing Ceremony online, through Facebook's new "Live" feature!

(The Facebook Event listing can be found here)

All are welcome to attend, no matter what his/her religious or spiritual beliefs. I will sing different sacred songs, to honor the Helping Spirits, as well as divinely-inspired chants. Attendees are welcome to sit in meditation during the event, or watch on Facebook with any WiFi devices (I make rather funny faces when I sing, ha ha!).

Sometimes, spiritual healing ceremonies inspire creative problem-solving, as well as a clearing of blockages. Journaling can be an excellent way to process these moments of inspiration! However, if you notice some difficult imagery, or want additional insight/healing, you are welcome to email me for follow-up services (I will not be able to answer any questions during the ceremony).

Although I am offering this ceremony free to the online community, donations are happi…

Finding hope in the darkness

(originally posted in Dec 2014, re-posted because Emotional Support = Love)
In the United States, December is filled with huge amounts of emotion, tension, stress, anxiety, hopes, fears,  and expectations (that are sometimes not filled). The focus is on the Holidays and Family, and that combination can bring past hurts and Soul Loss to the forefront. Everyone is trying to prepare for the "drama" of visiting relatives, many who are unable to see a person as anyone other that who s/he was as a child.

There is a huge divide between the expectation of love and acceptance from family/loved ones, and the reality of family patterns being replayed over and over again. Most of the time it is unconscious (no fault of any relative), but in some situations, relatives can be quite cruel if one does not "fit" into their notions of a "good daughter, son, cousin, wife, husband, mother, uncle, etc."  Psychologically and energetically, this is exhausting and secretly disap…

Replacing Fear with Wisdom (a Journey with Athena)

This month has been an emotionally painful one for many readers and clients. Election Day in the United States has forced the Shadow Side of the American public to center-stage, and it is ugly.

I've struggled with my own shock, disappointment, fear, and anxiety. I've also worked with many others, through healing and mentoring, that are stuck within these painful emotional states as well. No matter what the reasons for people voting the way that they did, there is a palpable sense of Fear, and a knowing that the USA has been profoundly changed by the results of Nov 8th.

As I've worked with clients (both old and new) for shamanic healing, one goddess has stepped forward repeatedly the past few weeks, Athena.

Although Athena is a Warrior goddess, I've noticed that her Wisdom and Healing aspects have been more present for me and my clients (different warrior goddesses have other strong aspects coming through). She has directed me to the profound Soul Loss that much of the …

Upcoming lecture in Salem, New Hampshire

This Saturday, I will be presenting at the Temple of Witchcraft, in Salem, New Hampshire. I will be giving a very in-depth lecture on the differences between ecstatic spiritual experiences and forms of mental illness.

For those that are local, I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you on expanding education in this topic! For those that are not local, this lecture is also available Online, in real-time, and you can watch and interact with me at home (in your pajamas, if you wish). The Facebook Announcement/Event is located here, and gives instructions for registering via PayPal or in-person. The cost is a floating fee between $30 and $40, for the ~3 hour lecture.

Hope to see you there!

Radio Interview with Body & Soul Awareness

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Body & Soul Awareness Radio. My most recent article described the technique of cord-cutting, but for those that are interested, you can listen to the recording of the interview below:

Many thanks and blessings to Stephanie and Oxana!

The spiritual technique of cutting cords

Last week, I was a guest on the Body & Soul Awareness Radio Show, and the hosts and I discussed the technique of Cord Cutting.

While there are numerous definitions of cord cutting within a spiritual or emotional context, I've observed the following themes in my healing appointments:

All of Life carries Energy, and that Energy is in perpetual motion.Energy is constantly exchanged between living beings, places, objects, etc. This is one aspect of communication.Cords are created between two or more of the above, in order to facilitate communication and the exchange of energy.If the cords are healthy and balanced/egalitarian, they appear golden.If the cords are unhealthy, and cause a dependency or domination effect, they appear shadowy & grey.If the cords show both grey shadows and golden threads, then the energetic relationship is complicated, and requires more in-depth and advanced work.Note: These trends are from my own healing work, and you may discover different Truths in…

Helping to heal a broken foot with sacred tattoos

This past month, I worked with a client who had a broken foot. The circumstances surrounding this bone break were very strange, occurring right after a family funeral. There were difficulties during the healing process, as well as pain issues. The client contacted me to help discover if there was a spiritual/emotional/mental component to her physical injury.

After making her comfortable, I began to sing my songs, and call in the Spirits. I specifically asked for help with physical healing. I've received intermediate training in First Aid and CPR, but I am not a doctor, and my skill set focuses on the mental/emotional and spiritual aspects of healing. I needed help from the Otherworlds, and I got a not-so-subtle nudge to grab my beginner's anatomy workbook* and immediately focus my vision on the area.

Without going into too many personal details, I observed that the break was healing extremely slowly & poorly due to "dead energy" around it. During my training, I …

A bit of Wyrd-ness...

It's weird out there, folks.
The Full Moon was last Friday, and it also was a partial eclipse. Most months, I feel a sort of "psychic-pressure" building until the full moon switches over to waning, and then the pressure starts to drop. I also tend to feel a more immediate pressure drop once an eclipse is over.
But none of that happened.
In fact, it seems as if the pressure is still holding steady, and that this world and the Otherworlds are "warping over" each other. I have had some strange hikes in the woods, in which no wildlife made a sound for 4 solid hours. I've had lots of mis-communications (although it is Mercury Retrograde for a few more days). Traffic patterns have been off, and it's been harder to feel that "instinct" when driving around familiar places. The sky has felt sort of unreal, and the wind near me has been non-existent. I've had difficult themes appear in many shamanic appointments. And I keep seeing Things out of the cor…

Frederick Pagan Pride Day This Saturday!

This Saturday, Sept 17th, is the Frederick Pagan Pride Day celebration.

Frederick is a fantastic town, full of historic culture, and is also home to many great and wonderful Pagans. My favorite tattoo shop, Time Bomb Tattoos, has been instrumental in helping me to create artwork in honor of different deities I work with, and Cricket Manor hosts many of my shamanic ceremonies and classes.

I will be teaching a short class about Coyote, as well as leading a Journey to visit him, right after opening ceremony (around 11am). Looking forward to this event, and meeting/working with many of you. See you there!

A visit from Manannan mac Lir, in the flesh!

This past Sunday, I visited Monhegan Island, off the coast of Maine. I had not visited the North Atlantic since my trip to Ireland back in 2003, and I always considered those waters to be Manannan’s domain (as well as the waters surrounding the Isle of Man). Crossing the Gulf towards the dock, I had a full hour on the ferry to prepare offerings, load up my hiking bag, and pack my journal & Runes.
It was a gorgeously clear and sunny day, and the waters were both gray and blue, with just the smallest amount of whitewater on top. After docking at the Wharf, I began my trek through the town to Whitehead. In about a mile, I was on the other side of the island, staring down at rocky cliffs that went straight down to the ocean. Numerous types of sea birds, including Sand Pipers, Plovers, Laughing Gulls, and Bonaparte Gulls flew near me. I carefully made my way down some of the rocks to an outcropping that was big enough for my pack and to sit safely.
I began a Two Powers meditation, and m…

The Aye-Aye, a new Helping Spirit

In the past few months, a new helping spirit has come forward to help clients during healing sessions. With its startling appearance and quiet observation skills, the Aye-aye has assisted me in surprising ways!

My first interaction with this spirit in the Otherworlds was quite subtle. I was having some difficulty removing a sticky, sap-like blockage from a client's auric field. Even with different methods of healing, I couldn't get the stuck energy to move. Suddenly, my attention turned towards the client's feet, and I saw a tree growing there. The sky darkened to nighttime, and two piercing eyes showed through the foliage. As my vision focused more on those eyes, I began to see the shape of the Aye-aye moving down the tree trunk. It walked over the client's auric field, and began rolling the sticky-sap-blockage like a burrito, and eventually gobbled it up!

Since then, the Aye-aye has joined me in a few different healing ceremonies. Sometimes, it will eat away dead, st…

Happy August!

Hello wonderful amazing people!

From now until Thursday August 11th, I will be away on a Spiritual Retreat. I will have almost no phone signal, and certainly no WiFi, but I arrive back late that evening, and will respond to messages, concerns, and questions then.

Here are a few upcoming events for this month:

Sunday August 14th: Grand Public Healing Ceremony in Frederick, MD. Prepayment is required, see the link for details.Sunday August 28th: Shamanic Journeying Class in Laurel, MD. This is an ongoing class that anyone at any level can join (even beginners!). The Facebook Announcement can also be found here. I also have numerous individual appointment times open during the week, starting on Tuesday, August 16th. Please contact me, and I look forward to working with you for healing!
Monika Healing Coyote

Grand Healing Ceremony at Cricket Manor, Frederick MD on August 14th!

On Sunday, August 14th, there will be a public Grand Healing Ceremony in Frederick, MD. Located at Cricket Manor, a lovely historic farmstead just west of downtown Frederick.
This ceremony will offer a range of healing modalities, including Soul Retrieval, Reiki, Crystal healing, Sacred Woods, Plants & Herbs, TCM Energy Medicine, etc., from 4-6 different professional healers. A large healing grid will be set up in the central area, and attendees will sit in circle around this main area. Each healer will make their way around the room, providing emotional comfort, healing, insight, and divination (if needed). 
Here are the details: When:Sunday, August 14th, from11amto around4pm. Please be on time and at your spot no later than10:55am, as introductions will begin promptly at11am!Where: Cricket Manor (see above link, more detailed directions (including parking) will be given to paid attendees)Cost: $75 flat rate per attendee, paid via PayPal (this is a fully pre-paid event, you must pay…

A story of integration and follow-up from a shamanic client

July has been an intense month of healing, both within myself and within my shamanic clients. Many healers work with clients at moments of intense pain and crisis, to help focus on the specific triggers, intrusions, and blockages. After those have been removed, the natural healing process can take over, and the client can feel relief.
Many healers work with clients for short periods of time, and then provide supportive integration and aftercare for a few weeks following the healing.  Here is a client's story of integration and healing: "During the course of the healing, Monika was able to intuit several specific issues I was unpacking at the time of the healing, and to process them with me both verbally and spiritually. Her healing not only covered emotional and mental ailments, but some physical and ancestral issues as well. Monika was understanding and tactful during our time together, keeping my safety and comfort in the experience as her top priority, and taking pains to co…

Handfasting; the joining of two Ancestral lines

This month, I worked with my first couple for handfasting and marriage.

As with all new ventures, it had some great moments of synchronicity and hilarity. I will keep most of the ritual details private, but I was given permission to write about a wonderful moment with the Nature Spirits:

The wedding took place in a gorgeous forest location off of a path in Great Falls Park. We all arrived early, to beat the heat and humidity, as well as to avoid hikers accidentally walking in on the ceremony (a sneaky ceremony, Coyote-approved!). After parking the car, gathering our supplies, and walking 20 minutes into the woods, we found a clearing near a huge American Beech tree. The sun shone perfectly through the leaves, and there was a mix of light and dark all around us. A perfect place for transitioning from one "state" to another!

When beginning any magical working, whether a healing, a ritual, a marriage, etc., I invite all the helping spirits with words and with song. Usually my e…

Changing your Fate, three client healing stories

During the month of June, I had the pleasure to work with a range of clients that all shared one major theme; they had changed their Lifepath based on hard work, willpower, and a little luck from their Helping Spirits.

This type of advanced shamanic work was new to me. I had studied very basic physics in school, and had watched enough Star Trek that the Spirits had a basic symbol set with which to teach me.  I also studied a few basic philosophies regarding Lifepaths, Soul Contracts, etc. Thoth (ḏḥwty) has been a great instructor for this Work, and helped me to have clients "make an addendum" to their Soul Contracts for their current lifetimes.

The following stories illustrate different aspects of Time/Space, and Quantum Realities within shamanism, and all show the strength needed for a client to change his/her Fate.

Client 1:

This client approached me around six months ago for shamanic healing work surrounding personal and family issues. One main concern had been her great d…

New Services for the Spiritual Community!

On May 31st, 2016, I received my Reverendship from the Universal Life Church. This provides credentials for services that I can now provide for the Mid-Atlantic & East Coast Communities. I am very excited to expand my spiritual leadership into this realm!

Here are a few services that I am now offering:


I am able to legally join two consenting adults into marriage in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Washington D.C., and other locations within the United States. I will never discriminate against anyone because of their race, nationality, preferred gender, preferred partner, etc. Love shows itself in many forms, and the Soul recognizes what it wants, no matter the trappings of the physical body (i.e., LGBTIAQ+ inclusive).

I will work with both members of the happy couple, providing shamanic healing services (joint-healing ceremonies, if you wish!), mentoring, and a Journey to discover the Totemic Spirit** of the newly-created family.

$200 basic fee $350 with joint healing ceremony

Shapeshifting coyotes, or how I received a new name

Back in January 2012, when I first started this blog and my professional shamanic practice, I asked my Spirits for a magical name. This name would symbolize my work, my personality, and help me retain some careful anonymity when working in public mental health.

I remember how Coyote barked, "Lonely Coyote!"

I recall how stunned I felt; how quickly the name came, and not really understanding what it meant. I liked the "flow" of it, and how it rolled off the tongue. And so I took the gift of my name, and spent the last four years learning its lessons, its benefits, and its restrictions.

This year, the lessons have been heart-breakingly painful. I have separated from my ex-husband, separated from my former teacher, and separated from a few small-yet-damaging magical communities. The loneliness I felt was overwhelming, but stripping everything away helped me to hone my skills and focus fully on my healing work.

A month ago, I traveled to the desert; to heal, and to rea…

Client Follow-Up: a letter of healing and inspiration

Recently, I worked with a client* who struggled with very difficult and painful thought-patterns & behaviors. They were affecting her quality of life, and she wanted to move past them before they became permanent aspects of her personality. In addition to those energetic blocks, she also struggled with strong psychic perceptions, which directly affected her ability to sleep peacefully.  We worked together for 2.5 hours, releasing past traumas. It was hard work for the both of us, and brought a closeness that inspired hope for her future.

A few days ago, I received the most lovely follow-up email from her, and am posting parts of it (with her permission):

"Hello Monika,I want to thank you for your services last Saturday. It was an incredible experience that I certainly will NEVER forget. As soon as I got home I felt peace and serenity. I changed my bedding, bought the stones, and searched for the books you recommended. For the past week I have felt clear minded, happy, and excit…

Piñon Pine: how a new helping spirit gets my attention!

During my self-healing retreat to Arizona, I met and worked with many new Helping Spirits.  Raven and Red-Tail Hawk have been friends for years, but Rattlesnake and Piñon Pine were very new! Here is the story of how I began working with the Spirit of Piñon Pine...

A little over a month ago, I stopped by my local Pagan shop to purchase incense and candles. I always love working with Frankincense and Myrrh, as they help to clear out my Healing Room and materials after each client. As I went to purchase a few bags, I saw something labeled "Pinyon Incense."  There was no description on the label, but I thought it might be neat to try a new scent, so I purchased one bag of it.

Throughout the following weeks, I would light a stick when I was answering clients' emails, or writing my book. It was sort of a subtle smell of "freshness,"  but I didn't really feel one way or the other. I finished the bag, and promptly forgot all about it.

Last week, when I traveled to …

Sedona in bloom

I'm back in my favorite vacation place, working on self-healing. I've been to Arizona twice before, but never in the Spring/early Summer. The desert is in bloom!

I've journeyed to a few of these plants, but not all. I wanted to share my pictures, while I had WiFi signal at this cute little coffee house...

 I believe this might be some sort of pepper plant, but not sure...

This gorgeous magenta flower is attached to the Hedgehog Cactus.

These buds are part of the Agave plant, which gives sweet nectar and tequila!

I am 90% sure that this is Indian Paintbrush. The fiery orange and red is stunning in a pine forest!

I believe this is a form of Desert Daisy, and it is my favorite shade of yellow. These have been prolific on my hiking trails.

A bit of Celtic flora; the Blessed Thistle!

This is my FAVORITE flower found so far; the Snapdragon Penstemon. It has this amazing smell that I wish I could put on this blog; a combination of Lilac, Honeysuckle, and Rose.

Hope you enjoy the …

Personal healing and retreat

In less than an hour, I leave for BWI and Arizona. The desert has been calling me every since I moved to Columbia back in January, and I am heeding the call for personal healing.

I rarely post personal facts on this blog, but this retreat is motivated by my ongoing divorce.  Divorce is such a strange thing, and it affects more than just the "ex" relationship. In-laws, friends groups, spiritual communities, close confidants; all of it shifts and moves as a new balance is reached.
I have worked with some excellent healers, therapists, self-help books (the Divorce Recovery Workbook is fantastic), and my Shadow work has been powerful and life-altering. This shamanic challenge is heavy, but I see the lessons, and feel the intense growth within myself.
This week in the desert might be lonely, but this Lonely Coyote is craving time within Nature. I will be writing more of my book, Differentiating Between Mental Illness and Spiritual Experiences (gods I need a shorter title), as well a…