15 January, 2016

Presentation at the Theosophical Society

Tomorrow, I will be presenting for the Theosophical Society of Washington, D.C.

(image from the above website)
I have presented on this topic, mental illness and spiritual experiences, for a solid three years, and it is the focus of my upcoming book. The lecture will be taking place at the Georgetown Library, starting at 12 noon, and last about an hour.

This type of material always inspires such varied and intelligent questions, and I am excited to work with a new group in the spiritual community of Washington, DC.

See you there!

12 January, 2016

Welcoming a new Cultural Ancestor, David Bowie

David Bowie is dead. I am still slightly in shock, and I am surprised that it is affecting me as if he was a family member.

David Bowie, from Wiki Commons
This celebrity death is one of the first in my life in which I realize how much a person has an impact on who I am today (as I gobbled up all his music through my growing years). He is joining the cultural ancestry of many of his fans, and I want to honor that with some small gesture:

Tonight, I will pour a horn of mead, sing my Ancestors song, and wish him all the luck in his new incarnation. 

Rituals of grief and death are important to those still living, and although I have no worries about his ability to find his way to the Otherworlds, I'd still like to give an offering to help him on his way. I invite any and all who are so moved to join me, even if no words are spoken. His funeral may or may not be a private affair with family, so this can help one contribute to his memory.

Hail to the Ancestors, and get ready to welcome an amazing Soul!

07 January, 2016

New Year, New Healing Space Location, New Book

(c) Lonely Coyote, 2016
Happy belated New Year to all!

These past few months have been full of an intense amount of transformation, spiritual upgrades, and profound loss & change. I have moved my full-time shamanic practice from Baltimore County down to Columbia, MD, and am expanding it to include more Beginning Shamanic Journey classes, Reiki Attunement classes, and Shamanic Mentoring appointments.

I am also starting the deep, exciting, and daunting work of writing a book. I've presented my lecture, Differentiating Between Mental Illness and Visionary Spiritual Experiences, for a solid three years. It has expanded from 1.5 hours to a day-long workshop, and I've even started making an Assessment/Checklist for psychologists, clergy, and other spiritual leaders. There are many articles about this subject, but they are written by either journalists, advocates, and/or spiritual healers (less than 2% written by social workers, sadly). My background in public mental health (13+ years) gives me a different perspective, and a different sort of grounded insight into this topic. I am very excited to share my training and experience with others, and can't wait to get started!