12 January, 2016

Welcoming a new Cultural Ancestor, David Bowie

David Bowie is dead. I am still slightly in shock, and I am surprised that it is affecting me as if he was a family member.

David Bowie, from Wiki Commons
This celebrity death is one of the first in my life in which I realize how much a person has an impact on who I am today (as I gobbled up all his music through my growing years). He is joining the cultural ancestry of many of his fans, and I want to honor that with some small gesture:

Tonight, I will pour a horn of mead, sing my Ancestors song, and wish him all the luck in his new incarnation. 

Rituals of grief and death are important to those still living, and although I have no worries about his ability to find his way to the Otherworlds, I'd still like to give an offering to help him on his way. I invite any and all who are so moved to join me, even if no words are spoken. His funeral may or may not be a private affair with family, so this can help one contribute to his memory.

Hail to the Ancestors, and get ready to welcome an amazing Soul!

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