Restarting a personal journey practice

During a crisis (whether physical, mental, or spiritual), it seems as though one's personal rituals and practices are the first things that move to the side.

(c) Lonely Coyote, 2016

I used to feel guilty about this, especially if lighting incense and giving offerings felt "surface level" or I found it too hard to focus. However, any sort of crisis, especially if it involves the Root Chakra in any way (i.e., moving, new job, new family, new relationships, etc), makes one's Soul immediately concerned with the most basic of physical-realm needs. Connecting with Spirits via Crown and Transpersonal Chakras can be very difficult when everything is in flux!

As things settle down, and the Root has "plugged in" to a new form of security, trance work can begin again.


I journeyed for myself the other day, and I was very anxious and nervous about meeting my Spirits in the Otherworlds. It had been a few months, and I wasn't sure if I could maintain my focus with regards to my own healing and growth.

I had nothing to be worried about.

I opened the door to my Tree, walked out into the sunlight and crunchy grass, and began the hike up to my campfire circle. I hadn't walked more than a few steps when I looked up and saw a multitude of Spirits! Every Spirit I had ever worked with, for myself or with clients, all came to my campfire to say hello. I burst into tears, and the worry that I had carried these past few months faded away completely.

I felt so healed by that simple interaction of Love, that it rekindled my motivation to share this work with others. If you are interested in learning how to work with Spirits in this way, or just want a safe, communal space in which to Journey, please join me in Laurel for monthly groups!


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