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Preparing for Spring Equinox: what techniques can I use to clear and bless my home?

On Sunday, March 20th, the northern hemisphere will experience the Vernal Equinox. Around this time, many folks work on "Spring Cleaning" projects, including the switching over of wardrobes and the cleaning of homes.
House Clearing Rituals are common at this time, and are an excellent way to move past the heaviness and solitude of Winter into the fresh, exciting projects of Spring. I've worked with numerous clients and their homes, and many are interested in learning how to create their own rituals and techniques. 
The following three methods are just a small example of a few things that you can try, to help reset the energy on your own:
"Incense-bomb" the home. Purchase sticks of Frankincense and Myrrh incense (more powerful than Sage for House Clearing), light a stick in each room (or at least each major room), and let the sacred smoke go through the house. After you have lit all of them, you might like to say something, such as "At this time, we dis-invite…

Baby blessings and Helping Spirits

The other day, I worked with a dear client within the home, so that the client could be close at hand to monitor a newborn baby.  We were both a bit nervous about how the drumming, rattling, and singing would affect the little one, but it seemed to comfort and calm him so that he drifted off to sleep!

Once the healing for the client was complete, I asked permission* to check in on the baby, to see what Helping Spirits were protecting him. The client responded positively, and I began rattling and singing.

As I looked around the baby's crib area, I saw something very unexpected. Giant silvery fish swam through the air, looping over and under him, and protected him within his personal space.

My jaw dropped-- I had no idea what type of fish they were, what they represented symbolically, etc.! I love to each fish, and visit aquariums, but I was out of my depth. Even my favorite go-to text, Animal Spirit Guides, didn't help!

I thanked the fish for their healing and protection, and c…