Unseelie Weather, and working with a partner for shamanic healing

In Maryland, there have been some rather strange weather patterns the past few weeks. A few days of 70F - 80F and sunny, then a drastic change to low 30F's and possibly freezing temperatures during the night.

This sort of chaotic weather was reflected in the Otherworlds, too.

the Wild Hunt, from WikiCommons (public domain)
During the most recent Sacred Space Conference, a dear friend received a profound insight from the Morrighan regarding the most-recent Spring Equinox. There would be a rather painful "changing of the guard,"  with some of the fallout potentially affecting the human realms.

I read my friend's write-up, and then promptly forgot all about it...

I was reminded quite viscerally during a Healing Ceremony this past Sunday. As I sang my sacred songs to invite my Helping Spirits, I noticed that no one was showing up. It was like the winds in the Otherworlds were blowing as hard as a tornado, and no one could find their way to me.

"They are few things more horrifying for a shaman than to call out to the Spirits & have them not be there!" -- Coyote

Thankfully, I was working with a partner, and we both made offerings, grounded and centered, and re-established the boundaries of sacred space within the healing area. Our Helping Spirits arrived, and the work could fully begin.

We each focused on similar areas of the physical body and the energetic body, working in tandem to provide pain relief, strength, Soul Retrieval, and healing. It was a much-needed check of inter-rater reliability, as we both struggled against what we started to call the "Unseelie Wild Hunt."  Numerous Spirits and Other entities attempted to add their own personal agendas to the healing, and many masqueraded as helpers but were actually glamoured detractors. The work was tricky and a test of our endurance, and each of us were exhausted afterwards.

Although the work was very difficult during the "Unseelie Wild Hunt,"  it also was incredibly healing. Certain aspects of the client's power loss (and subsequent empowerment) might not have been perceived, had it not been during such a chaotic and frenetic "storm" in the Otherworlds. Working with a partner helped us to check each other's work, and to make sure that we were both "seeing clearly."  The client received profound and penetrating healing work, and it will provide strength and stability for any/all future bouts of "otherworldly weather."

We give thanks to the Helping Spirits, and to the special guests, Prairie Dogs!


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