Upcoming Soul Retrieval Ceremony for Beltaine

Beltaine is a sacred holiday to many pagans, and it celebrates the beginning of Summer, fertility, sexuality, and the sacred joining of masculine and feminine energies.

This time of year can feel a bit frenetic, and many folks can be reminded of painful sexual experiences, relationships, etc. I will be conducting a healing ceremony at THE Beltane Event, in Darlington, MD, in order to help participants work with these energies for their own healing.

(from THE Beltane website)
Soul Retrieval for Survivors of Sexual & Relationship Abuse

  • Soul Retrieval is a shamanic technique of healing first re-discovered by Sandra Ingerman. When a person is the victim of a traumatic event or crisis, a piece of him/herself will dissociate, in order to survive the ordeal. Sometimes, shamanic healing is needed to help guide the soul essence back to the person (especially in cases of prolonged or deeply traumatic crises). This shamanic healing ritual, led by Monika Lonely Coyote, is to help anyone who has ever experienced rape, abuse, trauma, manipulation, and/or other harmful facets of past/present relationships. Feel free to bring a journal to write down any insights that the Spirits give during the ritual.
The event does have day passes, and I will be conducting this ceremony on Saturday, April 30th. I look forward to working with survivors and supporting the community in this way!

(If you are unable to attend this event, but would like to work with these issues, please contact me for an appointment, and we will work together for your healing).


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