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Client Follow-Up: a letter of healing and inspiration

Recently, I worked with a client* who struggled with very difficult and painful thought-patterns & behaviors. They were affecting her quality of life, and she wanted to move past them before they became permanent aspects of her personality. In addition to those energetic blocks, she also struggled with strong psychic perceptions, which directly affected her ability to sleep peacefully.  We worked together for 2.5 hours, releasing past traumas. It was hard work for the both of us, and brought a closeness that inspired hope for her future.

A few days ago, I received the most lovely follow-up email from her, and am posting parts of it (with her permission):

"Hello Monika,I want to thank you for your services last Saturday. It was an incredible experience that I certainly will NEVER forget. As soon as I got home I felt peace and serenity. I changed my bedding, bought the stones, and searched for the books you recommended. For the past week I have felt clear minded, happy, and excit…

Piñon Pine: how a new helping spirit gets my attention!

During my self-healing retreat to Arizona, I met and worked with many new Helping Spirits.  Raven and Red-Tail Hawk have been friends for years, but Rattlesnake and Piñon Pine were very new! Here is the story of how I began working with the Spirit of Piñon Pine...

A little over a month ago, I stopped by my local Pagan shop to purchase incense and candles. I always love working with Frankincense and Myrrh, as they help to clear out my Healing Room and materials after each client. As I went to purchase a few bags, I saw something labeled "Pinyon Incense."  There was no description on the label, but I thought it might be neat to try a new scent, so I purchased one bag of it.

Throughout the following weeks, I would light a stick when I was answering clients' emails, or writing my book. It was sort of a subtle smell of "freshness,"  but I didn't really feel one way or the other. I finished the bag, and promptly forgot all about it.

Last week, when I traveled to …

Sedona in bloom

I'm back in my favorite vacation place, working on self-healing. I've been to Arizona twice before, but never in the Spring/early Summer. The desert is in bloom!

I've journeyed to a few of these plants, but not all. I wanted to share my pictures, while I had WiFi signal at this cute little coffee house...

 I believe this might be some sort of pepper plant, but not sure...

This gorgeous magenta flower is attached to the Hedgehog Cactus.

These buds are part of the Agave plant, which gives sweet nectar and tequila!

I am 90% sure that this is Indian Paintbrush. The fiery orange and red is stunning in a pine forest!

I believe this is a form of Desert Daisy, and it is my favorite shade of yellow. These have been prolific on my hiking trails.

A bit of Celtic flora; the Blessed Thistle!

This is my FAVORITE flower found so far; the Snapdragon Penstemon. It has this amazing smell that I wish I could put on this blog; a combination of Lilac, Honeysuckle, and Rose.

Hope you enjoy the …

Personal healing and retreat

In less than an hour, I leave for BWI and Arizona. The desert has been calling me every since I moved to Columbia back in January, and I am heeding the call for personal healing.

I rarely post personal facts on this blog, but this retreat is motivated by my ongoing divorce.  Divorce is such a strange thing, and it affects more than just the "ex" relationship. In-laws, friends groups, spiritual communities, close confidants; all of it shifts and moves as a new balance is reached.
I have worked with some excellent healers, therapists, self-help books (the Divorce Recovery Workbook is fantastic), and my Shadow work has been powerful and life-altering. This shamanic challenge is heavy, but I see the lessons, and feel the intense growth within myself.
This week in the desert might be lonely, but this Lonely Coyote is craving time within Nature. I will be writing more of my book, Differentiating Between Mental Illness and Spiritual Experiences (gods I need a shorter title), as well a…