Personal healing and retreat

In less than an hour, I leave for BWI and Arizona. The desert has been calling me every since I moved to Columbia back in January, and I am heeding the call for personal healing.

Sedona, Arizona  (c) Lonely Coyote, 2015

I rarely post personal facts on this blog, but this retreat is motivated by my ongoing divorce.  Divorce is such a strange thing, and it affects more than just the "ex" relationship. In-laws, friends groups, spiritual communities, close confidants; all of it shifts and moves as a new balance is reached.

I have worked with some excellent healers, therapists, self-help books (the Divorce Recovery Workbook is fantastic), and my Shadow work has been powerful and life-altering. This shamanic challenge is heavy, but I see the lessons, and feel the intense growth within myself.

This week in the desert might be lonely, but this Lonely Coyote is craving time within Nature. I will be writing more of my book, Differentiating Between Mental Illness and Spiritual Experiences (gods I need a shorter title), as well as hiking and re-claiming my Joy.

I return from Arizona after a week, and am looking forward to bringing the lessons of the desert to shamanic clients. Although I am not offering Healing Ceremonies during my time there, I am able to give mentoring sessions and divination, and I will have some wi-fi access during the evenings.

Blessings to you all, dear readers, and stay tuned as I update this blog with pictures, funny insights, and hilarious stories about the shenanigans Coyote and I get into as I return to my Joy-filled self!


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