Sedona in bloom

I'm back in my favorite vacation place, working on self-healing. I've been to Arizona twice before, but never in the Spring/early Summer. The desert is in bloom!

I've journeyed to a few of these plants, but not all. I wanted to share my pictures, while I had WiFi signal at this cute little coffee house...

(c) Lonely Coyote, 2016
 I believe this might be some sort of pepper plant, but not sure...

(c) Lonely Coyote, 2016
This gorgeous magenta flower is attached to the Hedgehog Cactus.

(c) Lonely Coyote, 2016
These buds are part of the Agave plant, which gives sweet nectar and tequila!

(c) Lonely Coyote
I am 90% sure that this is Indian Paintbrush. The fiery orange and red is stunning in a pine forest!

(c) Lonely Coyote, 2016
I believe this is a form of Desert Daisy, and it is my favorite shade of yellow. These have been prolific on my hiking trails.

(c) Lonely Coyote, 2016
A bit of Celtic flora; the Blessed Thistle!

(c) Lonely Coyote, 2016
This is my FAVORITE flower found so far; the Snapdragon Penstemon. It has this amazing smell that I wish I could put on this blog; a combination of Lilac, Honeysuckle, and Rose.

Hope you enjoy the images, and stay tuned for more as I am able to find a dedicated WiFi signal!


  1. You're correct about the Indian Paintbrush. =) Definitely one of my favorites to pick as a kid...along with dogbane and bluebells.

  2. The blue one is a delphinium-- also known as larkspur.


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