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Changing your Fate, three client healing stories

During the month of June, I had the pleasure to work with a range of clients that all shared one major theme; they had changed their Lifepath based on hard work, willpower, and a little luck from their Helping Spirits.

This type of advanced shamanic work was new to me. I had studied very basic physics in school, and had watched enough Star Trek that the Spirits had a basic symbol set with which to teach me.  I also studied a few basic philosophies regarding Lifepaths, Soul Contracts, etc. Thoth (ḏḥwty) has been a great instructor for this Work, and helped me to have clients "make an addendum" to their Soul Contracts for their current lifetimes.

The following stories illustrate different aspects of Time/Space, and Quantum Realities within shamanism, and all show the strength needed for a client to change his/her Fate.

Client 1:

This client approached me around six months ago for shamanic healing work surrounding personal and family issues. One main concern had been her great d…

New Services for the Spiritual Community!

On May 31st, 2016, I received my Reverendship from the Universal Life Church. This provides credentials for services that I can now provide for the Mid-Atlantic & East Coast Communities. I am very excited to expand my spiritual leadership into this realm!

Here are a few services that I am now offering:


I am able to legally join two consenting adults into marriage in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Washington D.C., and other locations within the United States. I will never discriminate against anyone because of their race, nationality, preferred gender, preferred partner, etc. Love shows itself in many forms, and the Soul recognizes what it wants, no matter the trappings of the physical body (i.e., LGBTIAQ+ inclusive).

I will work with both members of the happy couple, providing shamanic healing services (joint-healing ceremonies, if you wish!), mentoring, and a Journey to discover the Totemic Spirit** of the newly-created family.

$200 basic fee $350 with joint healing ceremony

Shapeshifting coyotes, or how I received a new name

Back in January 2012, when I first started this blog and my professional shamanic practice, I asked my Spirits for a magical name. This name would symbolize my work, my personality, and help me retain some careful anonymity when working in public mental health.

I remember how Coyote barked, "Lonely Coyote!"

I recall how stunned I felt; how quickly the name came, and not really understanding what it meant. I liked the "flow" of it, and how it rolled off the tongue. And so I took the gift of my name, and spent the last four years learning its lessons, its benefits, and its restrictions.

This year, the lessons have been heart-breakingly painful. I have separated from my ex-husband, separated from my former teacher, and separated from a few small-yet-damaging magical communities. The loneliness I felt was overwhelming, but stripping everything away helped me to hone my skills and focus fully on my healing work.

A month ago, I traveled to the desert; to heal, and to rea…