Changing your Fate, three client healing stories

During the month of June, I had the pleasure to work with a range of clients that all shared one major theme; they had changed their Lifepath based on hard work, willpower, and a little luck from their Helping Spirits.

This type of advanced shamanic work was new to me. I had studied very basic physics in school, and had watched enough Star Trek that the Spirits had a basic symbol set with which to teach me.  I also studied a few basic philosophies regarding Lifepaths, Soul Contracts, etc. Thoth (ḏḥwty) has been a great instructor for this Work, and helped me to have clients "make an addendum" to their Soul Contracts for their current lifetimes.

The following stories illustrate different aspects of Time/Space, and Quantum Realities within shamanism, and all show the strength needed for a client to change his/her Fate.

Client 1:

This client approached me around six months ago for shamanic healing work surrounding personal and family issues. One main concern had been her great desire to give birth to a baby. Numerous traditional medical treatments had been utilized, and after many years, she had become pregnant with a viable fertilized egg. Our work together involved maintaining the health of the pregnancy, as well as her own physical & mental health (as the mother).

A few weeks ago, we worked together for a follow-up appointment. Her child had been born (such a gorgeous baby!), although at great physical strain and cost to her. As we worked together to regain her energy and improve her health, I saw a vision of her energy field "jumping the tracks" into a different "train track."  When I asked my Spirits more about the imagery, They explained that in her current lifetime, she was not "fated" to have children, at least not through personal childbirth. Because she had grown and shifted a bit since her original Soul Contract, and worked hard to include that blessing into her current lifetime, the Spirits worked to help manifest that choice into being.

Client 2:

A client contacted me last week in regards to medical complications and abdominal pain. He underwent surgery the previous year, and numerous side effects had prevented him from healing fully. Although he had tried a wide range of traditional and non-traditional methods, he felt no relief, and was at his wit's end for a solution.

As we began our work together, the imagery showed itself within the Ancestral Chakra and the abdominal cavity. This client's lifeline appeared to have extended itself past a previous potential Curse-- stomach cancer. I asked my Spirits for more information, and They spoke of the current lifeline's cancer diagnosis, but that it had been altered when the client had abdominal surgery to rectify very painful glands. I very carefully discussed this with my client, and he immediately responded by revealing a very scary fear that he would die from cancer. He had felt this fear for many years of his life, starting just past puberty, and thought that it was almost as strong as a "psychic knowing" or a "true dream."  The Spirits stated that his current bout of pain and symptoms were the "physical-realm side effects" of changing his Fate.

Client 3:

Recently, I worked with a client who was suffering from depression and anxiety, brought on by a painful divorce. He wrote to me, describing a shamanic journey meditation in which his Spirits showed him a different reality overlaid on top of this one. The different reality showed him suffering from suicidal depression, and eventually taking his own life. This client was deeply worried by what he saw, and we worked together to explore more of his meditation.

In the healing ceremony, during the Soul Retrieval song, the two overlapping realities began to unwind. My Spirits helped me to direct him to speak a powerful Truth, "Although I may be struggling, I love my life, and I choose to live it fully."  This helped to "lock in" the timeline in which he received therapy for his depression and did not engage in suicidal behaviors.

In all three of these stories, my continued work with each client will be to help manage the "side-effects" of changing her/his Fate. Physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual changes result from adjusting one's Lifepath. Our Free Will is one of the most powerful forces in this world and the Otherworlds, and the lessons I've learned this month will help me both in my own work, and for future clients.

I give thanks to all Helping Spirits!


  1. These are interesting and very impressive. Thanks for sharing them!


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