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Grand Healing Ceremony at Cricket Manor, Frederick MD on August 14th!

On Sunday, August 14th, there will be a public Grand Healing Ceremony in Frederick, MD. Located at Cricket Manor, a lovely historic farmstead just west of downtown Frederick.
This ceremony will offer a range of healing modalities, including Soul Retrieval, Reiki, Crystal healing, Sacred Woods, Plants & Herbs, TCM Energy Medicine, etc., from 4-6 different professional healers. A large healing grid will be set up in the central area, and attendees will sit in circle around this main area. Each healer will make their way around the room, providing emotional comfort, healing, insight, and divination (if needed). 
Here are the details: When:Sunday, August 14th, from11amto around4pm. Please be on time and at your spot no later than10:55am, as introductions will begin promptly at11am!Where: Cricket Manor (see above link, more detailed directions (including parking) will be given to paid attendees)Cost: $75 flat rate per attendee, paid via PayPal (this is a fully pre-paid event, you must pay…

A story of integration and follow-up from a shamanic client

July has been an intense month of healing, both within myself and within my shamanic clients. Many healers work with clients at moments of intense pain and crisis, to help focus on the specific triggers, intrusions, and blockages. After those have been removed, the natural healing process can take over, and the client can feel relief.
Many healers work with clients for short periods of time, and then provide supportive integration and aftercare for a few weeks following the healing.  Here is a client's story of integration and healing: "During the course of the healing, Monika was able to intuit several specific issues I was unpacking at the time of the healing, and to process them with me both verbally and spiritually. Her healing not only covered emotional and mental ailments, but some physical and ancestral issues as well. Monika was understanding and tactful during our time together, keeping my safety and comfort in the experience as her top priority, and taking pains to co…

Handfasting; the joining of two Ancestral lines

This month, I worked with my first couple for handfasting and marriage.

As with all new ventures, it had some great moments of synchronicity and hilarity. I will keep most of the ritual details private, but I was given permission to write about a wonderful moment with the Nature Spirits:

The wedding took place in a gorgeous forest location off of a path in Great Falls Park. We all arrived early, to beat the heat and humidity, as well as to avoid hikers accidentally walking in on the ceremony (a sneaky ceremony, Coyote-approved!). After parking the car, gathering our supplies, and walking 20 minutes into the woods, we found a clearing near a huge American Beech tree. The sun shone perfectly through the leaves, and there was a mix of light and dark all around us. A perfect place for transitioning from one "state" to another!

When beginning any magical working, whether a healing, a ritual, a marriage, etc., I invite all the helping spirits with words and with song. Usually my e…