26 July, 2016

Grand Healing Ceremony at Cricket Manor, Frederick MD on August 14th!

On Sunday, August 14th, there will be a public Grand Healing Ceremony in Frederick, MD. Located at Cricket Manor, a lovely historic farmstead just west of downtown Frederick.

(c) 2015, Healing Coyote
This ceremony will offer a range of healing modalities, including Soul Retrieval, Reiki, Crystal healing, Sacred Woods, Plants & Herbs, TCM Energy Medicine, etc., from 4-6 different professional healers. A large healing grid will be set up in the central area, and attendees will sit in circle around this main area. Each healer will make their way around the room, providing emotional comfort, healing, insight, and divination (if needed). 

Here are the details:
  • When: Sunday, August 14th, from 11am to around 4pm. Please be on time and at your spot no later than 10:55am, as introductions will begin promptly at 11am!
  • Where: Cricket Manor (see above link, more detailed directions (including parking) will be given to paid attendees)
  • Cost: $75 flat rate per attendee, paid via PayPal (this is a fully pre-paid event, you must pay in advance, and we sell out quickly!)*
  • What to bring: A comfortable seat cushion, yoga mat, camp chair, etc., as we will be on a concrete floor (there will be AC, huzzah!). A journal and pen/pencil, to write down what different healers may tell you. There will also be a range of books about helping spirits, crystals, etc. to write down any insights that these may provide, as you wait your turn for your next healing. Finally, bring food and drink, as there will be a social meet & greet directly after the ceremony ends, where both healers and attendees can share meals, stories, etc!
  • How to prepare for ceremony: A public group healing ceremony is much different from a private individual ceremony, but there are some similarities. This article may provide some insights, as well as links to other articles on Soul Retrieval and shamanic healing.
My fellow healers and I look forward to working with the Community in this way, and please email me with any questions!

*PayPal instructions: The email address to use for pre-payment is different from the above; please let me know of your interest, and I will reply with precise instructions. Thank you!

19 July, 2016

A story of integration and follow-up from a shamanic client

July has been an intense month of healing, both within myself and within my shamanic clients. Many healers work with clients at moments of intense pain and crisis, to help focus on the specific triggers, intrusions, and blockages. After those have been removed, the natural healing process can take over, and the client can feel relief.

Many healers work with clients for short periods of time, and then provide supportive integration and aftercare for a few weeks following the healing.  Here is a client's story of integration and healing:
"During the course of the healing, Monika was able to intuit several specific issues I was unpacking at the time of the healing, and to process them with me both verbally and spiritually. Her healing not only covered emotional and mental ailments, but some physical and ancestral issues as well. Monika was understanding and tactful during our time together, keeping my safety and comfort in the experience as her top priority, and taking pains to confirm anything she was telling me through rune casting, conversation, as well as what she was communicating with her spirits about. 
After having this healing experience with Monika, I immediately felt some deeper knots in my being untwist, and I felt more relaxed than I have in a few months. A lot of stress I was facing at work has felt more manageable-- meaning, I still feel it, but I don't feel drained by it. I'm excited to go to work again, and not huddling up in bed. As a school teacher, that was really helpful in the last couple weeks before the year ended! Emotional and relationship issues I was facing unwrapped and became a lot easier to be straightforward about. A pain in my feet Monika noticed has ultimately remained, but abated for a few weeks after she helped to heal it. An internal infection she noticed that I had gotten treatment for two days before the healing cleared up. She wasn't examining that part of my body with anything except her spirits to guide her, so I thought this was particularly impressive. I can't necessarily attribute that healing to Monika's work, BUT I think it's important to note that she noticed it without any prompting from me. Before she knew I had received treatment for it, she suggested I go see a doctor-- which says a lot about her character as a healer. She isn't trying to claim that shamanism can replace other forms of medicine. She works to honor the importance of other healers in preserving her clients' well being. Overall it was a really good experience, it was worth paying her well for her services, and I will totally do it again without hesitation."
One of the greatest omens for an effective ritual is that a client can return to his/her everyday life, refreshed, renewed, and ready to face the same struggles with new willpower. I give great thanks to the Spirits for working with us both that day, and I am overjoyed for this client's health!

Hail and Thank You, Helping Spirits! 

13 July, 2016

Handfasting; the joining of two Ancestral lines

This month, I worked with my first couple for handfasting and marriage.

(c) Healing Coyote, 2016
As with all new ventures, it had some great moments of synchronicity and hilarity. I will keep most of the ritual details private, but I was given permission to write about a wonderful moment with the Nature Spirits:

The wedding took place in a gorgeous forest location off of a path in Great Falls Park. We all arrived early, to beat the heat and humidity, as well as to avoid hikers accidentally walking in on the ceremony (a sneaky ceremony, Coyote-approved!). After parking the car, gathering our supplies, and walking 20 minutes into the woods, we found a clearing near a huge American Beech tree. The sun shone perfectly through the leaves, and there was a mix of light and dark all around us. A perfect place for transitioning from one "state" to another!

When beginning any magical working, whether a healing, a ritual, a marriage, etc., I invite all the helping spirits with words and with song. Usually my eyes are closed, and they remain that way for the full invocation. As I sang for the Nature Spirits and Spirits of Place (genius loci), I could feel a chill across my skin, and the forest was filled with numinous beings.

Suddenly, there was a large crashing noise. My eyes flew open, my rattle stopped, and all of us turned towards the sound.

A beautiful, golden, gigantic dog had broken away from its humans and raced down the path to join our ceremony! The loud crash was his skidding to a stop, with a confused expression on his face, as we all stared at him in surprise.

A few moments later, the women walking with him entered the clearing, apologizing profusely for stopping the ceremony. We laughed, as it was obvious that the doggie had responded to the sung invitation!

(c) Healing Coyote, 2016
The ceremony continued, the lovers were joined, and we celebrated the blessings of the Spirits, by feasting with them afterwards (at one of the most delicious restaurants in Rockville, yum!).

I give thanks to the Kindred and the couple who entrusted me with this sacred task, and I look forward to working with more lovely couples in the future. Hail the Spirits!