Handfasting; the joining of two Ancestral lines

This month, I worked with my first couple for handfasting and marriage.

(c) Healing Coyote, 2016
As with all new ventures, it had some great moments of synchronicity and hilarity. I will keep most of the ritual details private, but I was given permission to write about a wonderful moment with the Nature Spirits:

The wedding took place in a gorgeous forest location off of a path in Great Falls Park. We all arrived early, to beat the heat and humidity, as well as to avoid hikers accidentally walking in on the ceremony (a sneaky ceremony, Coyote-approved!). After parking the car, gathering our supplies, and walking 20 minutes into the woods, we found a clearing near a huge American Beech tree. The sun shone perfectly through the leaves, and there was a mix of light and dark all around us. A perfect place for transitioning from one "state" to another!

When beginning any magical working, whether a healing, a ritual, a marriage, etc., I invite all the helping spirits with words and with song. Usually my eyes are closed, and they remain that way for the full invocation. As I sang for the Nature Spirits and Spirits of Place (genius loci), I could feel a chill across my skin, and the forest was filled with numinous beings.

Suddenly, there was a large crashing noise. My eyes flew open, my rattle stopped, and all of us turned towards the sound.

A beautiful, golden, gigantic dog had broken away from its humans and raced down the path to join our ceremony! The loud crash was his skidding to a stop, with a confused expression on his face, as we all stared at him in surprise.

A few moments later, the women walking with him entered the clearing, apologizing profusely for stopping the ceremony. We laughed, as it was obvious that the doggie had responded to the sung invitation!

(c) Healing Coyote, 2016
The ceremony continued, the lovers were joined, and we celebrated the blessings of the Spirits, by feasting with them afterwards (at one of the most delicious restaurants in Rockville, yum!).

I give thanks to the Kindred and the couple who entrusted me with this sacred task, and I look forward to working with more lovely couples in the future. Hail the Spirits!


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