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The Aye-Aye, a new Helping Spirit

In the past few months, a new helping spirit has come forward to help clients during healing sessions. With its startling appearance and quiet observation skills, the Aye-aye has assisted me in surprising ways!

My first interaction with this spirit in the Otherworlds was quite subtle. I was having some difficulty removing a sticky, sap-like blockage from a client's auric field. Even with different methods of healing, I couldn't get the stuck energy to move. Suddenly, my attention turned towards the client's feet, and I saw a tree growing there. The sky darkened to nighttime, and two piercing eyes showed through the foliage. As my vision focused more on those eyes, I began to see the shape of the Aye-aye moving down the tree trunk. It walked over the client's auric field, and began rolling the sticky-sap-blockage like a burrito, and eventually gobbled it up!

Since then, the Aye-aye has joined me in a few different healing ceremonies. Sometimes, it will eat away dead, st…

Happy August!

Hello wonderful amazing people!

From now until Thursday August 11th, I will be away on a Spiritual Retreat. I will have almost no phone signal, and certainly no WiFi, but I arrive back late that evening, and will respond to messages, concerns, and questions then.

Here are a few upcoming events for this month:

Sunday August 14th: Grand Public Healing Ceremony in Frederick, MD. Prepayment is required, see the link for details.Sunday August 28th: Shamanic Journeying Class in Laurel, MD. This is an ongoing class that anyone at any level can join (even beginners!). The Facebook Announcement can also be found here. I also have numerous individual appointment times open during the week, starting on Tuesday, August 16th. Please contact me, and I look forward to working with you for healing!
Monika Healing Coyote