The Aye-Aye, a new Helping Spirit

In the past few months, a new helping spirit has come forward to help clients during healing sessions. With its startling appearance and quiet observation skills, the Aye-aye has assisted me in surprising ways!

the Aye-aye (from WikiCommons)
My first interaction with this spirit in the Otherworlds was quite subtle. I was having some difficulty removing a sticky, sap-like blockage from a client's auric field. Even with different methods of healing, I couldn't get the stuck energy to move. Suddenly, my attention turned towards the client's feet, and I saw a tree growing there. The sky darkened to nighttime, and two piercing eyes showed through the foliage. As my vision focused more on those eyes, I began to see the shape of the Aye-aye moving down the tree trunk. It walked over the client's auric field, and began rolling the sticky-sap-blockage like a burrito, and eventually gobbled it up!

Since then, the Aye-aye has joined me in a few different healing ceremonies. Sometimes, it will eat away dead, sticky energy, and other times it will watch the ceremony (and me, too).

I've looked in numerous Animal Spirits books, including those by Dr. Farmer and Ted Andrews, but have not found much about this helping spirit. Research into the myths of the peoples of Madagascar has turned up limited information, and most of it describes the Aye-aye as a portent of ill-luck (they are usually killed immediately if sighted). The only pop-culture reference I can find regarding the Aye-aye is from Legends of Korra (the Aye-aye is portrayed as a sacred Spirit Guardian, with a wonderfully sarcastic sense of humor!).

Although the Aye-aye has quite a negative reputation as a harbinger of doom, its actions during ceremonies have been nothing but healing and supportive. The Aye-aye is not a native spirit to the Americas, and I have limited understand of the culture in which it has such a negative role. But I have been very thankful for its actions in the healing of my clients.

I look forward to growing my friendship with this new helping spirit, and honoring its assistance with more tricky energetic blockages. Hail and welcome, Aye-aye!


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