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Helping to heal a broken foot with sacred tattoos

This past month, I worked with a client who had a broken foot. The circumstances surrounding this bone break were very strange, occurring right after a family funeral. There were difficulties during the healing process, as well as pain issues. The client contacted me to help discover if there was a spiritual/emotional/mental component to her physical injury.

After making her comfortable, I began to sing my songs, and call in the Spirits. I specifically asked for help with physical healing. I've received intermediate training in First Aid and CPR, but I am not a doctor, and my skill set focuses on the mental/emotional and spiritual aspects of healing. I needed help from the Otherworlds, and I got a not-so-subtle nudge to grab my beginner's anatomy workbook* and immediately focus my vision on the area.

Without going into too many personal details, I observed that the break was healing extremely slowly & poorly due to "dead energy" around it. During my training, I …

A bit of Wyrd-ness...

It's weird out there, folks.
The Full Moon was last Friday, and it also was a partial eclipse. Most months, I feel a sort of "psychic-pressure" building until the full moon switches over to waning, and then the pressure starts to drop. I also tend to feel a more immediate pressure drop once an eclipse is over.
But none of that happened.
In fact, it seems as if the pressure is still holding steady, and that this world and the Otherworlds are "warping over" each other. I have had some strange hikes in the woods, in which no wildlife made a sound for 4 solid hours. I've had lots of mis-communications (although it is Mercury Retrograde for a few more days). Traffic patterns have been off, and it's been harder to feel that "instinct" when driving around familiar places. The sky has felt sort of unreal, and the wind near me has been non-existent. I've had difficult themes appear in many shamanic appointments. And I keep seeing Things out of the cor…

Frederick Pagan Pride Day This Saturday!

This Saturday, Sept 17th, is the Frederick Pagan Pride Day celebration.

Frederick is a fantastic town, full of historic culture, and is also home to many great and wonderful Pagans. My favorite tattoo shop, Time Bomb Tattoos, has been instrumental in helping me to create artwork in honor of different deities I work with, and Cricket Manor hosts many of my shamanic ceremonies and classes.

I will be teaching a short class about Coyote, as well as leading a Journey to visit him, right after opening ceremony (around 11am). Looking forward to this event, and meeting/working with many of you. See you there!

A visit from Manannan mac Lir, in the flesh!

This past Sunday, I visited Monhegan Island, off the coast of Maine. I had not visited the North Atlantic since my trip to Ireland back in 2003, and I always considered those waters to be Manannan’s domain (as well as the waters surrounding the Isle of Man). Crossing the Gulf towards the dock, I had a full hour on the ferry to prepare offerings, load up my hiking bag, and pack my journal & Runes.
It was a gorgeously clear and sunny day, and the waters were both gray and blue, with just the smallest amount of whitewater on top. After docking at the Wharf, I began my trek through the town to Whitehead. In about a mile, I was on the other side of the island, staring down at rocky cliffs that went straight down to the ocean. Numerous types of sea birds, including Sand Pipers, Plovers, Laughing Gulls, and Bonaparte Gulls flew near me. I carefully made my way down some of the rocks to an outcropping that was big enough for my pack and to sit safely.
I began a Two Powers meditation, and m…