A bit of Wyrd-ness...

It's weird out there, folks.

The Full Moon was last Friday, and it also was a partial eclipse. Most months, I feel a sort of "psychic-pressure" building until the full moon switches over to waning, and then the pressure starts to drop. I also tend to feel a more immediate pressure drop once an eclipse is over.

(from WikiCommons)
But none of that happened.

In fact, it seems as if the pressure is still holding steady, and that this world and the Otherworlds are "warping over" each other. I have had some strange hikes in the woods, in which no wildlife made a sound for 4 solid hours. I've had lots of mis-communications (although it is Mercury Retrograde for a few more days). Traffic patterns have been off, and it's been harder to feel that "instinct" when driving around familiar places. The sky has felt sort of unreal, and the wind near me has been non-existent. I've had difficult themes appear in many shamanic appointments. And I keep seeing Things out of the corner of my eyes, even when I'm not drumming or journeying.

How can we keep ourselves steady in the middle of this strange miasma? Many of us, whether psychic or not, tend to pull together with loved ones, stay near home, and wait it out. Coyote has been encouraging me to go to ground, too, but waiting isn't really an option when we have to go to work, pick up children, purchase groceries, do laundry, etc.

This Thursday is the Autumnal Equinox. It's a workday for many of us, but also a High Ritual Day for numerous religions. I encourage you to mark the occasion, in some small way, and give offerings. Whether it is lighting incense or pouring a bottle of beer to honor the Ancestors, try and do something to honor the equal moments of light & dark, summer & winter, day & night.

I will be doing the same, and praying for the pressure to release. If you'd like to work together, to help push past some of your own strange feelings and blockages, contact me. We will create a ceremony for your healing, and work with the current energies so that they are not as overwhelming.

We are entering the Dark part of the Year, and closing in quickly on Samhain. It's only going to get weirder (Wyrd-er) folks; let's come together in Community and Healing!


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