A visit from Manannan mac Lir, in the flesh!

This past Sunday, I visited Monhegan Island, off the coast of Maine. I had not visited the North Atlantic since my trip to Ireland back in 2003, and I always considered those waters to be Manannan’s domain (as well as the waters surrounding the Isle of Man). Crossing the Gulf towards the dock, I had a full hour on the ferry to prepare offerings, load up my hiking bag, and pack my journal & Runes.

Monhegan Island, (c) Healing Coyote, 2016
It was a gorgeously clear and sunny day, and the waters were both gray and blue, with just the smallest amount of whitewater on top. After docking at the Wharf, I began my trek through the town to Whitehead. In about a mile, I was on the other side of the island, staring down at rocky cliffs that went straight down to the ocean. Numerous types of sea birds, including Sand Pipers, Plovers, Laughing Gulls, and Bonaparte Gulls flew near me. I carefully made my way down some of the rocks to an outcropping that was big enough for my pack and to sit safely.

Monhegan Island, ME (c) 2016 Healing Coyote
I began a Two Powers meditation, and my roots went deep into the rock of the island. The sky turned multi-faceted hues of blue and white, and Manannan mac Lir rode in on a huge wave that stretched nearly a hundred feet. As the giant wave crashed into shore, he hopped off, sat next to me, and we began our conversation.  At the end of our time together, I gave offerings of apple (his sacred fruit) to both the land and the ocean. The birds also partook, so I made sure to cut tiny pieces!

I gathered my things, hopped off the rocks, and began to climb back up to the trail. I had started to feel warm, sitting in the sun, so once I reached the trailhead, I put my pack down and took off my sweatshirt. When I straightened back up, a couple of hikers suddenly appeared on the rocks near me, and sat down. The woman (perhaps wife of the man?) smiled at me, and the husband saw me and said, “Oh hello! Can I tell you a story?”  

Now, I had just completed an intense conversation in my head with a deity, and you better believe I giggled at the synchronicity of the timing. Of course I said, "Yes, I'd love a story!"  As the stranger spoke, I made note of his close-cropped white hair & beard, his tan, weathered skin, and his very animated face. He also wore flannel, sunglasses, and had a thick North Carolinian accent, ha ha! When he finished the story with a joke, I laughed hard, and thanked him for “blessing me with such a fun start to the morning.”  I swear, if I could see his eyes underneath his sunglasses, I’m sure they would’ve twinkled!

I hiked a quarter mile up the trail, and then gave more offerings to the genius loci (Spirits of Place). I also promised Manannana good strong dark beer when I finished my hike, as I was so tickled to have received a visit. Hail Manannan mac Lir, trickster god of the Celtic Lands!

(c) 2016 Healing Coyote


  1. Maybe that's why divination told me not to bring Him to the UToS Assateague service. He didn't feel like mult-tasking. ;-)

    Hail ManannĂ¡n Mac Lir!


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